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organix by Rgba [web]

              _._________ .______    .________  .______/\_
               |    ____/_|  ___/____|  _____/__|   ___  /_
               |   __    /|  \      /_   ___   /_    _    /
               |   \   .:\|   \__  .:/   \_   .:/    |  .:\
               |____\     \_________/__________/_____|_____\



             executable 4k graphics by rgba [www.rgba.org] 2008

                              for function 2008


   this one was a non planned production. it started and nvscene as a very
   quick gfx for the "organic" fast graphics competition, without any kind
   of direction. two weeks later i decided to resume the work and see if i
   could get anything interesting out of it without any ambient occlusion,
   global illumination or shadow casting. my new games was to procedurally
   draw the lighting, on top of the shapes and textures. and i gave myself
   fourty hours, after which i was not that satisfied. well, at least i've
   proved myself that i cannot get the images i look for without resorting
   to gi techniques. drawing the ambient occlusion by hand is just not the


   the image is again raymarching on a distance field, where this time the
   function is full of perlin noises. that makes it so slow. the landscape
   is infinite (as in ixaleno) - you can travel forever in the forest. the
   problem is that even if every tree, stone and mushroom are different to
   any other all the parameterss are homogeneously randomized so basically
   it all looks the same. well, i guess so, cause actually i haven't moved
   the camera yet to have a look arround. i will make a video of that.

   the rendering is multithreaded so the more cores you have the faster it
   will render. it's possible vista users experience a white screen during
   rendering. don't worry, the image will appear as soon as it's computed,
   and that's arround a minute for 1280x720 in my dual core laptop.


   asd   auld  bixo  calodox   collapse  conspiracy  [d]vision  farbrausch
   fairlight  fuzzion   hornet   kakiarts   loonies  necrostudio  nocturns
   northen dragons    plastic     rebels    software failure    speckdrumm
   spontz   tbc    tbl   timescratchers    traction     trailer park demos
   xplsv   zona neutra    and forgoten


   matheshaping, formucoloring and codepainting :: iq :: [www.rgba.org/iq]
   bytemagic and codecrunching :: mentor + blueberry :: [www.crinkler.net]
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