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multicolor by Unique [web]

          ____      _____                          ____   ______
    ______)   \_____)    \_________________________)   \__)  __/______
  _/    _/     /    \     /     _/   ___   _/    _/     /   ___/   __/
  \________________\     _______\____\     \________________\_______\
                    \____(elD_ ____________(
               M U L T I C O L O R                  

 another unique demo. this time works on 1 MB OCS machines as well...
 well, kinda. I can already imagine the comments on pouet. "too slow",
 "weird music", "ugly tearing / no double buffering" etc. but I
 don't feel like caring so much right now. people can feel free doing
 something better themselves.
 All the effects run in 80x100 resolution and 12bits. I was just too
 lazy to glue some kind of double buffering later on as it would have
 needed a rather serious amount of glue. It runs kinda decently with
 "match a500 speed" in *uae. sound doesn't seem to work in cycle exact
 mode. no idea about that.
 dodke did the code and graphics. lum did the original vector "unique"
 logotype that was used for the logo. legend/cncd and aegis did music.
 the player6.1 was done by the usual people i suppose. ray/tscc was
 behind the lz77 routine which i used to fit more stuff in memory
 as it's a one file production.
 greets to everyone i forgot to greet in the demo.
 - dodke
 i can be contacted at lauri dot smith at gmail dot com
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