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cannapaceus by mfx [web]

mfx - cannapaceus

for Stream Five demoparty.


modern hardware is required. we recommend NVidia 8800GTX or higher.

please watch in highest possible resolution and from a large display.

if you have to go with video version, please be sure that it's high
quality, as the visuals aren't too encoder friendly. avoid youtube
at any cost.

there are problems with some hardware/software configurations. be
prepared for some visible polygon edges, problems on ATI hardware
(especially older one), and framerate problems on some resolutions.

if you manage to run this demo on a laptop which has an ATI X1600,
contact us.


visuals: pommak, 216, nosfe, uncle-x
audio:   grey park
engine:  rainmaker, 216
photo:   little bitchard

greetings to everyone.


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