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Zoo by Puzzle

                         .    ___________  __________ _________,
(Puzzle)_________.--------¦ __/          l_/         l_|_      /____________
\\  ____       _/         l_\\`--------   `-/------      /     /  __________/

                    Puzzle presents a new demo called:


                        Code: Hexagon & TrickTrax

                           Graphics: Deckard

                            Music: TrickTrax

               Copy all files to the same directory.

RUNNING ZOO:   The demo will skip the intropart if run with less than 1.7MB
               PZLZOO.EXE also has to be executed from the dir in which the
               .DAT files are.

               Sorry! :(

INFO:          This is really the demo where everything went wrong!

               Zoo was originally meant to be released at The Copenhagen Party
               but due to some real nasty bugs it was postponed. Assembly
               seemed to be the right place to release it, so we found the
               bugs and improved the demo. But the troubles wasn't over. The
               very last changes (rename of files, PROGDIR:, modulechanges etc)
               resulted in new bugs, which have been impossible to track down,
               and after more than 3 weeks of bughunting in vain, we had 2
               choises left:

               1. Throw the demo down the drain
               2. Make it work the best we could

               We chose the latter, even though we don't like to release stuff
               with bugs! We heard about many cancelled amigademos for the
               Assembly and decided that we wouldn't be one of them.

               We have to move on and look foreward, so there will never be a
               bugfixed version of Zoo. Sorry again! :(

               BTW: The endscroller can be paused with right mousebutton.

KNOWN BUGS:    Spritebug - The suckin' sprites appear even though they have
               been turned off with the DMA. We could change all our
               copperlists, but time has run out.

               PROGDIR: bug - For some odd reason PROGDIR: doesn't seem to
               work with multiple executeables & includes, so we had to make
               a lame bat-file, which have to be run from the directory in
               which the DAT-files are placed. Sucks!

               Mysterious bug - NO idea what this is, but it sometimes causes
               the demo to crash at the phong-texturemapping part. This
               happens VERY rarely on 030/50, so we haven't been able to find
               it (who knows, maybe it's gone by now).

REQUIREMENTS:  The demo is optimized for A1230, but will probably run on an
               A1220 with 4MB ram, which also is the minimum. At it's early
               stages, Zoo was tested on A4040 & A4060 and ran fine with the
               use of setpatch. Hopefully it still does.

THE AUTHORS:   Hexagon
               E-mail: tsale@tdk.dk

               E-mail: tricktrax@hotmail.com

               Both can be found on #AmigaScne as well.

HOMEPAGE:      www.geocities.com/researchtriangle/2717
               (Under construction)

GREETINGS:     All friends in the whole wide world :) Especially Darkhawk/IRIS
               for being cool & GFB for keeping surprises comming.

MEMBERLIST:    Archangel        -       Music
               Deckard          -       Graphics, Raytrace
               Decoy            -       Swapping
               Deone            -       Graphics
               Hexagon          -       Code
               Powdi            -       Code
               Relief           -       Music
               ///Ruben.        -       3D-Graphics
               TrickTrax        -       Music, Code, Organizing
               Trooper          -       UK Spreader

JOINING:       We are looking for graphicians & coders! Contact TrickTrax on
               IRC or by Email.

Released August 1997
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