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Fleet intro by Fleet

                       ______ __     ______ ______ _______ 
                      / ____// /\   / ____// ____//___   /\
                     / /__ \/ / /  / /__ \/ /___\/\__/ / / 
                    / ___/\/ / /  / ___/\/ ___/\    / / /  
                   / / __\/ /___ / /___\/ /___\/   / / /   
                  /_/ /  /_____//_____//_____/\   /_/ /    
                  \_\/   \_____\\_____\\_____\/   \_\/     


ÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍ       This intro was designed and produced with machines
                of greater power than 386dx/25mhz. If you haven't
                got 25MHZ+ then select NO MUSIC. 
                If some part is sluggish it is due to the music-player,
                select NO MUSIC or lower MIX-rate.
                And remember to use a boot without QEMM or alike !


        Shogun - Coder
        Judge  - Coder

 Intro information:

        This intro was coded in a few weeks after we decided to
release something at the Assembly'93. There are mainly coding
effects, no fancy music or graphics, but after all, what can
you expect when one has to squeeze all code and other stuff
into 100kb... Despite this limitation we are quite satisfied
with our product [was that a surprise ? =], so we hope that
you will like it as much as we do ! Some details about some
parts will follow:

        'Setup'     : Tired of all the 'normal'-demo setups
                      in text-mode I wrote this.
                      Hope you like it..
                                                Code: Judge

        'Picture'   : We liked this picture so...

        'Regular 3D': Simply all the usual 3D stuff that you
                      normally run into when watching demos
                      and intros. I didn't want to diappoint
                      you =]...
                                                Code: Shogun

        '3D Trigometric Bobs': Some nice pixel based effects, if you
                               don't like the colors, then you should
                               remember that I could have used delays
                               or depth shading, yugh !
                                                        Code: Shogun

        'Fractal Landscape': It is actually a fractal landscape, not
                             so nice of course, but it works... If you
                             don't believe me, then check the documents
                             of FractInt for more details... Its creation
                             is completely parameter defined, thus I
                             could have used a greater surface sub-division
                             level to get an awesome quality, but        
                             I wanted that people with 386/33 MHz could 
                             enjoy this intro too =[... If I only could 
                             have used a couple of more KBs for more 
                             optimizing =]...
                                                        Code: Shogun

        'World Vector': 3D World Vectors [Have you ever seen a 4D world
                        vector ? =] aren't so uncommon these days, but
                        despite the fact I decided to add my share...
                                                        Code: Shogun

        'Moviescroll' : This is a very used effect on the PC but
                        still I like it. Of course 3D stars on the
                                                        Code: Judge
        'The-End'     : This fast ending is in text-mode...
                                                        Code: Judge

        Judge also coded the MODule packer and other system-code.
        All fonts by Pizza

    All parts were coded using Borland C++ 3.1 and Turbo Assembler 3.0.

 Personal Greets :

        Judge greets :

        Rex/Hysteria,Crystallizer/Apocalypse,Genesis/Ice Euro/FOFT,
        Rubber Duck/Extreme, Shocker/Apocalypse,Hammerhead/Extreme,
        Erroll/BUD, Kristen/Alpha Flight

        Shogun thanx :

        The members of Triton, Future Crew and Renaissance
        for making the best demos so far...

 System requirements:

        - 386+ processor [preferably at least 386/33 MHz]
        - Vga graphics card
        - Little memory

 Contact address [Shogun]:

        Tuomo Lampinen
        Kirpitsankatu 5B
        24100 Salo

 Contact via internet / BBS
        BBS :
          High Impact
          Node 1 :  358-0-6947834         14400
          Node 2 :  358-0-6947845          2400
          Running 24H service

          To contact via Internet sen mail to

NOTE!: Contact us _only_ if you are interested in

            - our group [joining/supporting/informing/... us]

            - exchanging coding techniques [mainly graphics & music stuff]

            - informing us about the bugs in this intro...
              Send us a disk and an envelope with your address and
              some stamps and we will send you a bug-fixed version
              [hopefully =]...

       And finally, DON'T be disappointed if you don't get a reply,
       it's a cruel world, you know...

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