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The Next Level by Pers' Wastaiset Produktiot [web]


The Next Level is a VIC-20 demo released by PWP at Assembly 2008. Concept,
code, music & graphics by viznut.

Running on a real VIC-20: write the d64 image on a disk, load "*",8 and run.
You don't need to write the whole image, you just need to put the two files
in a relatively unfragmented filesystem.

Running on an emulator: get VICE, configure it to "no expansion memory" and
autorun the d64 image. Note that the 6560/6561 sound emulation in VICE is
still quite bad, so it is preferrable to watch a video capture instead of

There are no outstanding audiovisual tricks in use. Most of the development
time went to the creation of the demo engine and various development tools
which will very probably be put in use in later productions as well. So, be
prepared for an increased output of VIC-20 demos in the future.

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