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Seiryoku by Inque [web]

Seiryoku, by inque

:: release info :: ------------------------------------

made for Intel Demo Competition 2008

:: additional info :: ---------------------------------

this is our contribution to the Intel Demo Competition
2008. we only had about 7 weeks to completely finish it,
so it became a bit of a rush job. but we're used to 
that :) 

we spent around 5 and half weeks on our "engine" (mostly
in the weekends), and we started on the demo one week 
before the deadline. which is actually too short...

btw, this is our first full size demo. 

:: requirements :: ------------------------------------

requires direct3d 9.0, pixelshader 2.0. only tested
on nvidia 9800gtx, 8600gs and 7900gs.

make sure you have the latest directx runtime installed

:: credits :: -----------------------------------------

soundtrack/modeling/direction -- izard
code/styling/texturing -- glow

:: greets :: ------------------------------------------

we say hi to:

still mfx fairlight tbl cocoon asd conspiracy 
farbrausch limp ninja guideline plastic

:: tech :: --------------------------------------------

nerveHD 0.1     >> our own demo engine, a partly
                   pimped and partially rewritten 
                   version of our 64k demo engine.
fcollada 3.05b  >> COLLADA support library
wxwidgets 2.8.0 >> GUI framework (only used for our 
                   config dialog :P)
BASS 2.4        >> audio library

:: cya :: ---------------------------------------------

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