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kindercrasher by Rgba [web]

              _._________ .______    .________  .______/\_
               |    ____/_|  ___/____|  _____/__|   ___  /_
               |   __    /|  \      /_   ___   /_    _    /
               |   \   .:\|   \__  .:/   \_   .:/    |  .:\
               |____\     \_________/__________/_____|_____\

                           kindercrasher.party version

                   [www.rgba.org] rgba by kinderproduction a 

    [www.inspire-demoscene.org] 2008 Event Demoscene Inspire at presented   


   few months ago i decided not to make more 4k intros. so here we are again
   with a new one. this time i had josss as coworker, it was a pleasure. and
   yes, finally i made a 4k with good mzk!

   oh yes before anyone points it out, i know i'm not the first using random
   walks of spheres with ao. apparently i failed again on being the first :(

   the ft idea comes from my chats with simon geilfus, using spheres to make
   anything comes from maali. josss made the mzk as said, and the ao and dof 
   were there for free anyway, so i just had to put the pieces together with
   a bit of the usual hardcoding. therefore big greets to the three of them.

   now, don't ask how i manage to make all the text align so nicely - i have
   no clue, it just happens :s


   this one works with just pixel shaders 2. now, one thing is "to work" and 
   another one to run smoothly. my ati radeon9800 is quite under the limit of
   what i would recomend (hey, but it's a four years old card, so..). any non
   crapy card should do it, really. the code is pretty simple too, if it does
   not work, please blame your opengl implementator, thanks very much.


   asd   auld  bixo  calodox   collapse   conspiracy  [d]vision   farbrausch    
   fairlight   fuzzion   kakiarts   loonies  necrostudio   nocturns  plastic   
   rebels    skim    software failure    speckdrumm     spontz   stravaganza     
   tbc   timescratchers    traction    xplsv    zona neutra     and forgoten


   crinklering               ::  mentor+blueberry  ::  [ www.crinkler.net  ]
   madtracking               ::       JosSs        ::  [ josss.scenesp.org ]
   coding, choreographing    ::        iq          ::  [ www.rgba.org/iq   ]

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