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escena org invtro v2 by xplsv [web]

        ..__        _______\         \ ________             _____..
     -- \    \_____ \       \         \       _\..___ ____ /      / - 
     -- /    /    _/_ \      \         \             \    \      / -- 
     - /____/\    \   \_______\         \__..__\      \____\    / --- 
              \____\____ \     \         \_  \_________\/______/
                  ..     ..     \_______../               ++ xplsv

                      escena.org invtro v2 by xplsv.com
                                 music: eb7m
                                  code: sole

         for inspire demoscene event (http://inspire-demoscene.org/)
                  held at errenteria (spain) 9-11th may 2008
                             -- About the demo --
                      This is an invitation to visit the
                    spanish demoscene website: escena.org
                  There was an existing invitation, done by
                  elerium core in 2001, but I thought it was
                 the time for building a new one which worked
                   in something else apart from windows ;-)
                        Do not forget to show this in
                          every party you organise!
                             -- Technical info --
               Using Lua as the scripting base, I have created
                a little library which simplifies drawing with
              opengl. It is also somehow inspired by processing.
                  It's by no means complete and still needs
                polishing some rough edges, but my idea is to
                end up with a base which is easy enough to use
               by newbies but extendable enough if you need it.
                I will make the the source code available at a
               certain point in (I hope) the foreseeable future
                   so you might contribute to the project,
                             should you wish to.

                    Meanwhile, you can modify the existing
                demo.lua script which is inside the Resources
               folder and make your own version of the invtro!
              Since this is the first time I use SDL, I am still
              fighting with SDL and universal libraries, so this
                              is a PPC version.
              It is compiled with Leopard and I have the feeling
                      it won't work with Tiger or less.
                I'll make universal Tiger & Leopard versions,
                       plus Linux and Windows versions.
               Everything will be available at escena.org, as a
             resource for everybody to learn and play with code.
                        These are the used libraries:
                           - fmod for sound playing
                          - soil for image handling
                             - lua for scripting
                     - sdl for window and event handling
                            - opengl for graphics
                          - Lua: http://www.lua.org/
                     - Processing: http://processing.org/
                         - fmod: http://www.fmod.org/
                  - soil: http://www.lonesock.net/soil.html
                        - sdl: http://www.libsdl.org/
                       - opengl: http://www.opengl.org/
                                 -- Thanks --
                Big thanks go to eb7m first for providing such
              enigmatic and weird music. Then big thanks too to
            pplux (pplux.com) for his unvaluable help with Lua :-)
                Also to trace for his suggestions and advice,
                Corsario for his advice about python, lua and
                 everything scriptable, and tolemaC & co for
                building the first invtro of course and being
                             the starting point.
                             -- xplsv.com 2008 --
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