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Interstellar by fresh!mindworkz [web]

"interstellar" pc/mac demo by fresh!mindworkz, released at Breakpoint'08, germany

Technical Info:

  Known issues:

  - Win95/98/ME not supported maybe works 
  - nVidia FX 5xxx series or older not supported 
  - Ati Radeon 9000 or older not supported 
  - Intel GMA950 supported but only on Mac and it's slow
  - Mac's with PPC cpu not tested, maybe not works


  Needs an OpenGL 1.4 compatible videocard  (with 128+MB of ram) and 
  a standard soundcard. 

  This demonstration made with GPL or freeware modules/compilers.
  We used vorbis lib to decode audio and openal to play it.


  For best result use nVidia 7xxx or 8xxx graphics card with  at least 256Mb 
  ram onboard. The demo made using a 8600GTS and a Core2Duo (runs above 80 fps).
  Also tested AthlonXP+ATI 9600XT (well-well), Macbook with GMA950 (very Slow 
  but works) and a MacMini also with GMA950 (its slow).


  code:  pasy, pontscho
  music: vincenzo 
  gfx:   alien^pdx,mike,wolverine


  E-mail: info@freshmindworkz.hu
  Homepage: http://www.freshmindworkz.hu/demoscene


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