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vauxhall by Unique [web]

          ____      _____                          ____   ______
    ______)   \_____)    \_________________________)   \__)  __/______
  _/    _/     /    \     /     _/   ___   _/    _/     /   ___/   __/
  \________________\     _______\____\     \________________\_______\
                    \____(elD_ ____________(

                              v a u x h a l l

      a one day demo for breakpoint 2008
      pinza did the soundtrack, dodke was doing the
      coding and photoshopping.
      basically started on saturday afternoon at the party
      and it shows.

      there are some glitches. some ahi code seems to eat quite a bit
      of memory but the demo should run fine with 32 megs anyway.
     (although it really shouldn't require nearly as much as it does)
      also the sound is probably out of sync on emulators.
      graphics cards should be supported. soundtrack is 28khz.

      huge thanks to annie / matt current for the adpcm player,
      data file routines and other very handy bits of code.

      greets to everyone i forgot.

      - dodke


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