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Invoke by Still [web] & Conspiracy [web]

Still-08 >> Invoke

In Coorporation with Conspiracy

Released at Breakpoint, Eastern 2008


  cynic  >> code, qa
  gargaj >> music, synth code
  mad    >> code
  pirx   >> code
  pixtur >> design

  kkrunchy by ryg of farbrausch
  supersimple font by Sven Stueber/superlooper.de
  get more info at www.still-scene.org


Evoke - celebrating again!

Your favorite party with the unique atmosphere, the international flavor
and the prizes galore is taking place, as usual, in the city of Cologne.

Frome 8th to 10th of August there is only one place to be: Vulkanhalle,
Cologne, easily reached by any means of transportation.

Prepare your entries and party with us!

                               Evoke 2008
                             08.-10. August


- Shader model 3 gfx card with 256mb 
- Latest driver you can get for your gfx card (and hope it works)
- WinXP/Vista

Technical Notes

As it seems that some ATI cards only support 16 bit depth buffers 
for FBO some of the scenes will not look as expected on these cards. 
Blame ATI for that.

Personal Greetings

cynic >>   acryl, admiral, alien, ava, bodo, boyc, captain chaos, chaos, cp, cyclone, 
           dalezy, delirium, digisnap, dipswitch, dreamer, droid, erium, fuzzel, 
           gargaj, helge, hellfire, iq, matt, melwyn, molle, muhmac, nero, netpoet, 
           noname, pandur, pos, poti, ps, sheijk, sire, styx, titus, visualice, 
           wayfinder, xenon, xxx, zoom

pirx >>    calysta, xylobiont, tajo, noncolor, inferno, admiral, alien, bika, boyc, 
           dalezy, digisnap, gloom, gargaj, helge, krill, mad, nero, sheijk, sire, 
           virgill, wayfinder, xxx, zoom

mad >>     cynic, mad, pixtur, sire, helge, digisnap, sharon, nero, alien, dalezy, 
           krill, stingray, wayfinder, chaos, ryg, kb, paniq, cp, mad, faith, 
           hunta, eric, slack, shash, petsy, melwyn, dipswitch, pandur, tobi, 
           cyraxx, all

pixtur >>  admiral, alien,bonzaj dalezy, digisnap, dq, helge, hunta, eric,
           iq, k?, krill, mr.pet, fiver2, ryg, gizmo, chaos, kb, wayfinder, muhmac, 
           niko & nicolai, ramses, shakul, sire, styx, ronny, tobi, titus & bodo, 
           visualice, xxx 
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