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Konami / Raze by PlayPsyCo [web]

By PlayPsyCo
Released at The Gathering 2008

the without whoom department:
  datsua ^ code
kaktusen ^ music
stgenius ^ modelling

the hardware checklist:
[y] CPU
[y] FPU
[y] GPU
[y] MMU
[y] SPU


Hastily coded under the strong influence of "the deadline drug".

* Tested on GeForce 7900

* does not run under MS VISTA as far as we know!
* only grayscale rendering on ATI (that's party coding for you?!?!11one1eleven)
* one of the shaders relink(or something like that) during a transition on NVIDIA and freeze the display for ca 200 ms
* the shadow mapping technique does not always give the best texel usage

-[special greetings]-------------------------------------------------
* Color intoxication for the eXelent v2 and kkrunchy
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