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Drums & Pipes PC by Surprise!Productions [web]

                                DRUMS & PIPES
                - a sophisticated collection of lovely musique -

              Well,  this  is just a little information about the
              first musicdisk by Surprise! productions / PC. This
              shit was typed by Rick Dangerous.

              First  of  all:  Here are the credits for this fast
              and little release:

                      Musics:                     J.O.E.
                      Graphics:                   J.O.E.
                      Music system:         VangeliSTeam
                      Other Coding(?):    Rick Dangerous

              To  say  it loud and clear: This musicdisk is based
              on  the VangelisTracker V1.0e beta.
              The Vangelistracker is the most brilliant Modplayer
              I've ever seen on the PC. It supports loads of dif-
              ferent file-formats and sound output devices. (just
              look  at  the  configuration list). What's more, VT
              suits  all  possible  needs: There's also a special
              DOS-background version and a very good working OS/2
              And  the best thing of all: The whole sourcecode is
              distributed  along  with  the  Tracker. It's a real
              pleasure  reading that sourcecode. I've hardly ever
              seen a better documented code - ever -....
              Now...  Before I completely wind up kissing the as-
              ses of the VengeliSTeam, let me just say that I was
              completely  amazed by the quality of their product.
              And  since the sourcecode is available, all good PC
              coders have the chance to modify the player to cre-
              ate a even more powerfull music routine.
              For more information on the VT contact:

                         ³ Juan Carlos Ar‚valo      ³
                         ³ Apdo. de Correos 156.405 ³
                         ³ 28080 - Madrid           ³
                         ³ Spain                    ³


              Now. Back to business. Some fast words why we rele-
              ased this musicdisk:

              I  finally  wanted  to use the musics and grafix by
              JOE.  This  musicdisk was released on the AMIGA two
              years ago, so we surely took our time to convert it
              to the PC....

              I was nearly going bonkers, with all the work I had
              to do at university and on my upcoming game... So I
              decided to do something very quick and easy...

              Of  course  I  also  wanted to test VT under, let's
              say, 'race conditions' similar to a demo. I'm quite

              And  last but not least, after my chat with GORE/FC
              I really had to release something.
              (Hi  Gore!  so  I've  not been 'sucked by commerce'
               completely... Besides: I told you that we would be
               first to release our musicdisk! He, he, he, ;-) )


              Some  words  about  the musicdisk itself: Enjoy it.
              Theres no other meaning to it. I really won't boast
              you  with  'the  high quality' coding I did on that
              thing.  In fact I guess typing in this text took me
              more  time  than  coding  the little bit of picture
              fading, etc..
              Oh  yes! I nearly forgot to tell you that there's a
              'bonus-track'  hidden in the musicdisk. Go and find
              it.  (A  little  hint:  what's the name of the best
              graphics  artist / musician in the scene ? (look at
              the credits..) Now it should be easier than falling
              from a chair to find the bonus track.. ;-) )


              This production is freeware. This means you're free
              to copy/spread it like hell. In fact, we would like
              if you DO spread it. But please copy ALL the files:

                     D&P.EXE            The main program
                     SONGS.D&P          Datafile
                     CONFIG.D&P         Configurationfile
                     D&P.NFO            This file
                     FILE_ID.DIZ        Short description

              I  think  it's  quite sure that some lamer will rip
              some  of  the  musics  and  use  it  in some of his
              lame-tros.  Well. Please mention at least where you
              ripped the stuff from.


              Well. Not much left to say. Here are Rick Dangerous
              personal greetings:

              Burning Chrome, Antibyte, Dave Cooper, Zeek, Charp,
              Gore,  Zodiac,  Red  Scorpion, Xerox, Marc Hellwig,
              JCH, Firefly, Peci, Green Jester, Luke amd Spike.

              Group  greetings  from  Surprise! productions go to
              the following elite groups:

              The  Future  Crew,  The  VangeliSTeam, Renaissance,
              Cascada,  Skull,  The  Phoney  Coders,  Witan,  The
              Spacepigs, Vibrants.


              To  get  in  contact  with  S!P  call the following

                       Highlander BBS (S!P WHQ)

                              +43 14093937

                       GetAway BBS (S!P DK-HQ)

                              +45 98438009

              If you wanna contact Rick Dangerous for any reason,
              write  to this adress: (Write exactly the following
              on the envelope!!)

                        Erik Pojar
                        Siegfriedgasse 55
                        1210 Wien
                        AUSTRIA (EUROPE)

              Or call (voice):

                        +43 222 2530423           (1500-0000 CET)

              Feel free to contact me, but: NO LAMERS, NO GAMERS!

                        Rick Dangerous / SURPRISE! productions.
                        Vienna, April 5th, 1993

                        Have fun & enjoy life!
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