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Omniscent by Sanction [web]

                       ----====> Omniscent <====----


   Omniscent was done by Pinker of SANCTION for the Mekka '97. The song
   was written by Nyphton.

   Special thanks in alphabetical order :

     - Andreas Mautsch     (beta testing)
     - Axel Scheel Meyer   (MACM sources, nice IRC chat's)
     - Christian Cohnen    (for his help on perspective texture mapping and
	   						designing world and script)
     - Funk                (forgive me the idea trying a 4K Descent)
     - Stephanie Schepers  (moral and food support ;-) )

       and all other SANCTION dudes for supporting this product !

   Credits  :

     - Coding : Pinker
     - Music  : Nyphton

Demo controls

   <Esc> stops the intro.

System requirements

   WARNING ! Omniscent uses an extremly aggressive memory management,
   so give at least 300 Kb of free and fresh conventional memory to it !
   Furthermore it writes data to the General Midi Port at 330h-331h.
   On some older SCSI Controllers this may result in data loss on your SCSI
   hard drives. There should be no probs running it with Win95, though :-)
   Your computer needs at least 100Mhz pentium horse power.


   Omniscent will run one every General Midi compatible Soundcard.
   The file snc_omni.com try's to find a GM-Port at 330h and will use
   "nosound" if there is none. If your GM-Port is at 300h use the second
   version: snc_o300.com.

"normal" GUS:

   Run the latest Version of Megaem (option -m100 will increase volume)


   Do not use the ROM-patches of the GUS-PNP, they will sound awful.
   The best solution will be to use the old Megaem 3.06, because
   it will use the normal patch bank.
   Only if you have no other choice, you should try the internal ROM
   by using megaem 3.10+ or iwsbos(/mpu401)

MPU-401 compatible cards (e.g. WAVETABLE DAUGHTER BOARDS):

   We have tested it with a Roland and a Yamaha board.
   There may be the slight possibility that you won't be able to hear
   any music.
   In this case use a configuration with EMM386.EXE.

SB AWE 32:

   Someone from Creative Labe told me that you have to run the
   GM-emulation tool twice, but I have not tested it.

Technical stuff


   The intro uses 272K conventional DOS memory. It will run with or without
   any memory managers (also under Windows 95 and OS/2).


   15 different textures (3 animated, 1 transparent) of size 64 x 64 are
   used. They are all calculated. The star is the only GFX stored in the
   4K ( 25 bytes :) ). We use the scaled system font for the text.


   A LZSS77 dictionary packer combined with a dynamic multi-precision
   arithmetic coder is used. The complete decoder is 133 bytes
   (plus 30 bytes for copying etc.). The performance is equal to
   RAR and ARJ. The unpacked size of the intro is 4782 bytes.
   It is packed down to 3933 bytes.


   The world consists of 144 Descent-Level cubes with 367 faces and 362
   points. The level is based on the original Descent shareware level.


   The song has four channels and 17 patterns with length 64, two are
   played twice.

camera & script:

   The camera model is 3-axes and focal distance which builds up the world
   matrix. Rotations are done over the local axis of the camera. The camera
   is driven by a 125 bytes long script. We perform real 3D clipping at the
   z-planes of the frustum to avoid overflow.


   The rasterizer can draw any convex n-poly. It performs perspective
   texture mapping (scanline subdivision) with gouraud shading.
   Subpixeling/-texeling is used to improve quality.


#include <include/greets.lst>


Because of some guy in the organizer stuff of Mekka97 who seemed
to have a temporary brain elapse, you'll find a 800k partyversion of
the intro.
Please delete this file immediately, it was spread by the organizers
of Mekka97 and contains Megaem and Large.bnk.
This version was intended to be used during the compo, but not
as release version !
So please stick to this one and spread it.

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