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Mindlink by knights [web]

the KNIGHTS are alive (yes!) (maybe?)

MindLink is a demo (sure?)

Released in the beginning of 1998. ( _2_ years of lasyness :) )

Needs pentium/8-16Mb/SB-GUS

Credits :
  Code   : Impulse
  Music  : Logic Dream
  Gfx    : Don Vicenzo/Stuff/Logic Dream/Exocet of JFF
  Design : What's that ??

  Allegro blit : Shawn Hargreaves
  DJGPP        : DJ Delorie
  MIDAS        : Housemarque
  DJP          : ML1050

Memberlist :

  Impulse       Code
  Eclipse       Code
  Aksel         Code
  Logic Dream   Music/Gfx
  Black Widow   Music
  Jeg           Music/Code
  Bul           Gfx
  Stuff         Gfx/Code
  Don Vicenzo   Gfx/Music

  Are the others alive ? ... NO !

Notes :

  Just run with any parameter to run setup.
  Midas is slow... 20 channels too!! Try with low sound quality instead.
  Run fine on a P100/16M/S3trio64/SB16 but not more than 20fps sometimes.

  Midas don't like NT's timer. The demo fucks up so.
  Windows 95 will never allows good sync'ing. Just know that.

  All files are not packed. Lame code rules.

To get in touch with us, you can write to :

  impulse...........................       Eclipse.......................
        Gautier Portet                          Fabien Germain
        3, place Ferdinand Buisson              26, rue Louis Pasteur
        31240 Saint Jean                        76120 Grand-Quevilly
        - FRANCE -                              - FRANCE -
      impulse@citeweb.net                     eclipse@citeweb.net

                Knights' homepage : http://knights.planet-d.net

  Greets are in the demo...


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