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Techno Freak by Twilight Zone [web]

                  ÉÍÍÍÍÍÍ  -=) TWILIGHT ZONE (=- ÍÍÍÍÍÍ»
                  º              Presents              º
                  º            Techno Freak            º
                  º    Release Date : 28. July 1992    º

Welcome to the first demo from Twilight Zone. I hope you like it. Since this
is our first release this probably isn't the best you'we seen. Twilight Zone
is a new demo group from Norway. It was founded in April 1992 by The Bogeyman.
I (The Bogeyman) didn't know any programming language before I started
programming assembler in january this year, but I really know a great deal now.
Keep on the lookout for more demos from Twilight Zone.

 Hardware Requirements:
Processor : At least 286 (We suggest 386-20+ for better music).
Graphics Card : VGA only.
Music Device : Honker, SoundPlayer(s), SoundBlaster, SoundBlaster Pro.
Free memory : about 480k-500k.

                  *  The Members of Twilight Zone  *

The Bogeyman - Morten Eriksen         >  Main Coder & President
Jeki         - Jens Kr.Kirkeb›        >  Courier and Coding
The Wonder   - Markus Schille         >  Graphics Artist
L.K.A.       - Lars Kristian Aasbrenn >  Music Composer

L.K.A. is presently composing on an Amiga (We all hate that!!),
but the techno mix module was composed with Whacker Tracker v1.01 on The
Bogeyman's PC. Hopefully L.K.A will buy a PC when he can afford it. (Never ;-)

 Commercial Presentations:
We can also do cheap commercial presentations. Contact us for more information.

If you are a good Graphics Artist, Coder (Assembler) or Musician why don't you
join us. We need some more members. It would be best if you live in
Scandinavia. If your interested send us a piece of your work, and I will decide
if you're going to be a member. If not I will send you a letter so won't be
waiting until death. Everybody who write will get an answer.
(You'll find the adress at the end of this file)

Norwegians read this:
Vi trenger ogs† en som bor i Norge helst i 09 omr†det med et raskt
modem (9600bps+) og muligheter til † ringe mye.

                NO LAMERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 Monty Python:
If any of you have or know someone who has got Monty Python's Flying Circus
series 1. The old series from 1968-70 in black & white, please contact us.
The Bogeyman need it fast!! :-)

 Twilight Zone Releases:
º Name:                 Category:   Date:          Zipname:       Zip Size:    º
º Techno Freak          Demo        28. July 92    TZTECHNO.ZIP                º
º Multi Oscilloscope    Music Util  Coming soon!!  TZ_OSC  .ZIP   About 5k(!)  º

                   /=-  How to get in touch with us   -=\

Contact Mail Adress:  Morten Eriksen
                      Kitteroedv. 16
                      1712 Graalum

Voice Phone: +47-(0)9-140088 (Ask for Morten) (Foreigners drop the zero (0))

Fax number: +47-(0)9-146571 (State reciever, because more people use this fax)

Internet Adress: JEKI@OSCAR.BBB.NO

PIX/MIX Adress: Jens_Kr. Kirkeb›@SSB

Rime Adress: Send private mail to Jens-Kr. Kirkeboe in CD-ROM conference.
             Route to: ->THCAVE

BBS's:  SoundServer: +47-(0)2-735373 300-14400bps  USR HST DS V32
                              735374 300-14400bps  USR HST DS V32bis
        Leave post to : Jens_Kr. Kirkeb›, or download our latest release.

        The Sewer: Send Email to Bogeyman.

        Bergen By Byte: +47-(0)5-324447 300-14400bps USR HST DS V32
        Leave post to : Jeki

        Nightrider: +47-(0)5-990605 300-14400bps V32bis
        Leave post to : Jens_Kr. Kirkeb›, or download our latest release.

                           -- End of phile -
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