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Neuron-X by fresh!mindworkz [web]

"neuronX" Win32 demo by Fresh!mindworkz, released at Core'01, Hungary.

  Created by: pasy (code), just (music), toky (gfx), mike (3d)

  Additional work: pontscho,remage and ian luck (bass sound system, thanx!)

  Use '/fly' switch for iFly mode.
  Use '/basstime' switch for use musicplayers streampos for timing.

Technical Info:

  Needs OpenGL compatible videocard with at least DirectX7 and a soundcard.
  For optimal performance use nVidia (Geforce/TNT2) card with Win98/WinME.

  Some 3d objects and normals are generated at startup, sorry for the 
  long precalculation/loading time...

  Party version may crash, please report . Final version will and sources
  be available soon...


  E-mail: fresh@makacs.poliod.hu, pasy@makacs.poliod.hu
  Homepage: http://fresh.demoscene.hu

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