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Ancera by Sol

  [  a  n  c  e  r  a  ]

     by   s o l   9 8 

     released at the mekka/symposium 98

     <fixed at the party>

     the demo  was rushed at the end, and thats why the transitions are so
     f*cking  corny - but at  least we made  it this time. it  runs vbe20,
     in  320x200x32768  LFB.

     due to xlinker,  you  can't use any  commandline arguments,  but  try
     unsetting  your GUS/SB environment  variables and  you will enter the 
     midas (so famous by now)  setup system. In the demo compo (the  first
     time it was run) the music fucked up due to strange behavior maybe on
     the Interwave, we don't know (I guess the board had too little memory
     the play the song).

     The testing  was very sparse  in this  party version, only  tested on 
     mine and suburban's equipment. 


     coding/timing        -   depth
     soundtrack/gfx/3D    -   petee


     pmode/w              -   tran+daredevil
     midas                -   housemarque inc.
     xlinker              -   jinx/the coexistence

     if you have  some feedback (we'd love some),  please forward it
     to depth@diku.dk. There  might also be a win32  version of this
     thing in  the works, but for now  all I can think  about  is my
     exams. (That's why  you're spending your  precious time writing
     this extended info file right? -- Talking to myself again :-).

     we  would  like to  send personal  handshakes to the  following 

     depth:  x-otic{phobic}, syntax+lucifer{ambrosia}, walker+erlend
     {nocturnal},  slyde{blasphemy},  skrig+sjakket{prone},  sparky+
     dr.zulu+warp{giga}, gizmoduck{depth}, noize{kolor},  vipa + rbq
     {purple}, dake{calodox}, craft+echo{fudGe} + J.R. aka aura  for
     moral support, everybody in  suburban and of  course the people
     that I've meet at MS98.

     petee:   substance{voodoo},  mortimertwang{blacksista},  unreal
     {pulse}, lordy{kolor}, Oh-Gosh{blacksista},the {suburban} crew,
     aura for being who he is :), the MS98 organisation for a  great
     party and all the real  sceners at MS98... btw. a  big hand  to
     the  germans sitting in  front of us  for play  so damn loud  I
     couldn't hear sh*t when I had to finish the track for Ancera :(
     thanks  to pyramid/plutonic for  letting us rape  his computer,
     when  we needed  to  tweak  a few  textures  right  before  the 
     deadline, and to  all the nice scene people  who have given  us
     constructive critism while developing the demo at the party.

     blop blop... or something.
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