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Cadence and Cascade by Andromeda Software Development [web]

Cadence and Cascade (Party Version)
by Andromeda Software Development (ASD)
released at the Digital Nexus 2001

An OpenGL 3D accelerated demo.
Best runs on a 800MHz processor or higher and a decent 3D card.

Command line parameters :
3 for 320x240
6 for 640x480
8 for 800x600
1 for 1024x768  

Code                NaviS
Gfx                 Amoivikos
Additional Code     Incus
Design and ideas    NaviS, Amoivikos, Nina
3d modelling        Nuclear/the Lab
mp3 player          fmod
music               'warlock' by caravan

We wish to greet and thank everyone present at the demoparty.
Our best to the organizers of the Digital Nexus for making it a great experience.
Special thanks go out to aMUSiC.

ASD members are :
NaviS       code
Incus       code
Nina        code/pr
Amoivikos   graphics

contact us at:  ninaxr@hotmail.com

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