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metamorf by Satori [web]

   metamorfme  ee  tttaaa  @@  111111  ####%%%%%%
   mm  et  tt  ee  tt  am  t1  11              %%
   mm  et  aa  eeeeeaaamm  111111      %%%%%%%%%%
   m1  et  aa  ee          11  11  11  ##  ##  %%
   m1  et  aa  eeeetttmmm  11  111111  ##########

   1234123412  mm  mmorfm  $$  %%%%%%  mm  oo  mm
   mm  mm  mm  em  mm  mr  $m  %%  %%  mm  oo
   mm  mm  mm  tmmmmm  mo  m$$$$$      mmmmformmm
   mm  mm  4m  am  mm  mf  mm  mm      mm  oo
   mm  mm  m4  mm  444444  mm  mm      mm  oo

format me     format em     forma met     fort emma
fort ma me    fort ma em    fort am me    fort am em
from team     from tame     from meta     from meat
from mate     from at me    from at em    from ma et
from am et    form team     form tame     form meta
form meat     form mate     form at me    form at em
form ma et    form am et    fro tam me    fro tam em
fro mat me    fro mat em    fro ma met    fro am met
for tam me    for tam em    for mat me    for mat em
for ma met    for am met    after mom     raft memo
frat memo     frame tom     farm tome     farm mote
farm to me    farm to em    far tom me    far tom em
far mom et    fret ammo     foam term     oft ram me
oft ram em    oft mar me    oft mar em    oft arm me
oft arm em    of tram me    of tram em    of mart me
of mart em    of ram met    of mar met    of arm met
of term ma    of term am    fat re mom    aft re mom
fame mort     fe marmot     fe mort ma    fe mort am
fe tar mom    fe rat mom    fe art mom    fe ram tom
fe mar tom    fe arm tom   

        visual vision by zden / satori

              (c) 2000 satori

* code, photos, design

  zden (aka zdeno hlinka) / satori / no-such / message


* music

  guru raiden / aural planet


* HW requirements

  - sound card
  - video card supporting one of the following video modes:
    (fast) 512x384x32bit, 640x480x32bit
    (slow-down) 512x384x24bit, 640x480x24bit

* first public exhibition

  as a part of >fire on the beach<, no-such.com net-art live event
  at vi festival internacional de benicassim FIB 2000 (spain) 4-6.august.2000

  for more info go to http://fire.no-such.com http://festival-benicassim.com

* demo scene premiere

  fiasko00 (czech rep.), 19-20.august, demo compo, 5th place *grin*


* photos origin

  kolin = industrial town, czech rep., spring'2000

* metamorf font support

  jano sicko


* check out my > net-art non-interactive installation / web-based animation <


* bonus

  promo satori_screensaver.exe

* message:

  fuck demos, let's art


* ps

  ask me for my previous demos in .mpg format, great for MAC users :-)

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