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colored dreams by far&high [web]

"colored dreams"

  final version with new end called "reconcillation" :)

a tribute to LTP4
  ranked #11

  code: elric
  gfx:  seb
  gfx:  snake

  music by Laurent Garnier
  (we apologize for the commercial track, due to a lack of time. enjoy!)
  to otis: no! it's not a 8-bits mp3... call Laurent Garnier for more infos lol :)))

  thanks to MrZob for his rushed xm, we will use it in another demo -good job.

  thanks to poï² / r i b b o n  for his last minute help
  thanks too to stil for his suggestions and sources

.:technical notes:.

  pentium 2 class cpu needed
  300Mhz or better
  windows 9x/2K
  some ram (16Mo free seems ok)
  a sound card (it's better)
  TNT2 gpu or better (32Mo VRam, OpenGL full support)
  Nvidia Detonator3 minimum drivers requiered (hard use of hardware blending and back buffer copy)
  [democode done on a P2-400, 128Mo, TNT2-ultra & detonator3]
  all right, I know these technical feats are not in old-school demospirit, so, think only it's my first
  shown-demo ever, done in a rushed-time (so only opengl optimisation was done, not low-level one (asm)).
  i'll do better in another release [elric]

  watch this demo at your own risks! if it crash your disk or burn your geForce3, it's not our fault! :)

.:far&high team:.

  official homepage: http://alkama.planet-d.net (and also the alkama^tpolm/calodox/FnH page)

  aleph    (3D modelling)
  alkama   (multifunction toy:)  http://alkama.planet-d.net
  bozoo    (java code)           http://www.chez.com/bozoo
  elric    (code)                http://elric.planet-d.net
  mrzob    (zik)                 http://mrzob.fr.st
  seb      (gfx & design)        http://www.2design.free.fr
  snake    (gfx)                 http://snake026.fr.st
  olivierM (zik)
  oval     (gfx)
  oversky  (zik)


  elric: alkama for pushing me on the scene (your respect is really a huge thing for me! thanks.
         the next far&high demo with you will burn the scene!),
         otis for support (really thanks). + some special blobloz to the glorious pipoteam! :)
  seb:   thanks to Imaginary Forces for their art!!
                   all flash designers
  snake: thanks to far&high for having trust in us, Calamor for their encouragements, 
         special thanks to elric for his motivation, please, don't leave ;)


  [DemoGL] www.demogl.com (opengl functions, zip handle, mp3&mod... yeah, groovy baby!)
  [OpenPTC] www.gaffer.org (directx)
  [Orange Juice] THE democenter. www.ojuice.net. you rules men
  [www.pouet.net] THE other democenter :)
  LTP4 staff & people
  all dreamers (Blasphemy/Haujobb/TPolm/BoMb/Ribbon/PopsyT/Halcyon/Wipe/Exceed/Komplex + all others) thanks.


  i was born in a dream, a magical and coloured one
  i played with the stars, far beyond the frontiers of my mind
  then i followed the others, to slowly learn the rules of the universe
  and finally fall.
  all these fogotten dreams, lost in a sea of conformity...

  life can be different! live your dreams!

  wake-up, keep out the gray mass, plug your mind on a demo, and do dreams, some colored ones...

  elric.seb.snake(+)far&high [August, 24th, 2000]

.:ps from 2001:.

  all right. A lot of time have passed since ltp4. Consider in a first time I was very 
  disappointed by the result, maybe by the demospirit itlself. 
  We've got some problems with Alkama, and i was very disappointed by these problems.
  But ok, don't care the past!
  At this time far&high is a big democrew, and i'm working again with Alkama, for the best :)
  I've received a lot of positive comments for this demo, so i can only apologize myself to got
  some bad thinks about demospirit.
  Enjoy the demoscene, and keep care, i'm back with Alkama & Mo for the ltp5.

  A personal thanks to popsy-team, ojuice, knights & ribbon
  and also Alkama,
  we are NOW familly, we are NOW far(+)high.
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