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goa by The Black Lotus [web]

                                  G  O  A

                              at Assembly'96

                        T H E  B L A C K  L O T U S

                                  made it

                      10100100 Offa Dig-it Equalizer

                        Grafitsilainen Rodney Louie

                             Mamuschka Azazel
                              3Dlainen Tudor

                           (We are the monkeys)

     timing made on 030/28Mhz so don't complain if you got less power

         and yes we prefer 2x2 with enough colors before 256 cols

                 we guess the music fucks up on a4000/040

                        this production is freeware

          We guess our demo-OS tries to fool you about the length

                         one week demos are enough

       written agreement from TBL before earning money on this thing

    d94mgr@blg.du.se is email to Offa, one of the coders in this thing

    http://www.pi.net/~blahh/TBL.html (or something) is home on the net

   Boogeyman & Tim should be credited for some polygon theories and c2p

           Murk should be thanked for some noiseless enviroment

               Case should be thanked for his moral support

     Silver Eagle & Flame should be thanked for VERY last minute help

                   Always remember:	Apan Hoppar !
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