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Fifteen by Dune

                            FIFTEEN (pronounce 15)
                                The collector

Welcome to this production from Dune which is a commemoration of 15 years of demo 
activity. This cd was initially supposed to be a collector version of the Fantasia 
demo we released with Sector One in 2003. However, as time passed by, we decided to 
make it a bit more massive (as you will see).

1. Disclaimer

All the programs, art and sounds on this disk are freeware. Permission is granted to
freely distribute them as long as no change is made to the original files and no 
charge is being taken. All content is copyright by the authors and can't be reused or 
altered without an express permission from the authors.

2. System requirements

Since this collector doesn't include any high end coding, it should run on nearly any
PC supporting Hicolor display and Direct X. The authors can not be held responsible for 
any damage caused by any of the programs on this disc.

3. What's inside ?

Good question. Here's a short description of the stuff we managed to put inside. Read the
other info texts for more details.

-- Anthology/Anthology.avi : A retrospective video of our demo activities on the ST.

-- Dune collection/Disks & Single programs : A nearly complete collection of the demos and 
programs we made on the ST, including some never before released stuff.

-- Fuji Tshirt : Some high resolution files you can use to print out t-shirts which 
celebrate the Atari ST demoscene (and will make you the highlight of any party for sure !).

-- Music Box : A collection of all the wonderful music Dma-Sc has created for this collector.

-- Pictures Cemetery : A collection of old and sometimes unreleased pictures done by the main 
artists of Dune. Pure nostalgia.

-- Toy Box : Some highly funny-useless-entertaining programs for your enjoyment.

-- Wallpapers : Really, do you need more explanations ?

4. F.A.Q

4.1 What's Dune ? 

Apart from being a geological formation and a nice serie of books, Dune is also the name of a
French demogroup doing various things on the now obsolete Atari ST range of computers.

4.2 What's Sector One ?

It's another French demogroup made up of nice friends we work with most of the time.

4.3 What's the Atari ST ?

The Atari ST is a home/personal computer that was commercially popular from 1985 to the mid 1990s.
It was released by Atari in 1985. And that was a damn fine and entertaining piece of hardware.

4.4 What's a demogroup ?

It's is a collection of people gathered together by fate/luck/friendship and doing non interactive
programs known as demos which showcase their skills in code, art and music. Surely it is an 
activity driven by everything but money (though you can send us your extra money, it will be welcome).

4.5 Why a collector ?

To celebrate the 15th birthday of Dune (time flies).

4.6  Why on PC ?

Good question. Well, let's just say it was the easiest way to reach the maximum number of people and 
also to do all the things we wanted to do without too much effort (yes, we know, we are lazy people).

4.7 What's the meaning of life ?

Read entry 42 of this F.A.Q for an answer.

4.8 Amiga or ST ?

That's a funny one.

4.9 What's next ?

Well, more demos are on their way. Also we might get involved in some other non Atari stuff. But
ultimately we might just get lazy and will be laming around doing anything but demos, who knows ?
The one thing we are sure of is that it is the last entry in this F.A.Q since we have reached number
nine. You wouldn't want to mess up things by adding a 5.0, would you ?

5. Credits, greetings and bla bla

Most of this collector was designed by Mic/Dune and DMA-SC/Sector One. All the Atari stuff involve
various people from Dune and Sector One.

Special greetings go to the Atari scene and all people from Dune/Sector One.

Extra greetings to to all the people who made the scene, to all the ones who keep it still alive today 
and to the ones who will carry it even further

No animals have been harmed in the making of this production.

No lamers have been involved in the making of this production.

Members of Dune so far are : Aatec, Alrik, Casper, Chuck, Circee, Corbeau, Cortexx, Dan, Evil Metal, 
Extrem, Fahrenheit, Floopy, Jade, Mechanoid, Meerclaw, Mephistow, Mic, Morton, Obi-wan, Scorpio, 
Techno, Terence, Thadoss.

20 copies of this collector have been issued : capture them all !
Official release date : 08/10/07

Time to put the bla bla :-)

Signing off,

Mic/ Dune

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