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West End by NAA

West End

Party version released at SLACH III in July 2001

  Code      		      : Hufo
  Music                       : GuRu
  Modeling, Animation         : Ben
  Texturing, Animation        : FreeMan 103683
  Music                       : Ennio Morricone, Propellerheads

  BASS player		      : Ian Luck

500Mhz, GeForce Card, 256Mo RAM, Win 32 compatible Sound card
(If you don't have this watch the divx instead)

Athlon 1Ghz, 512Mo RAM, GeForce 3


legal Stuff.
     this demo has been thoroughly tested and found not to cause any
     kind of damage to hardware or any kind of data loss. if however
     something bad happens while you are running it, N.A.A 
     takes no responsibility for this. you use this program and 
     spread it at your own risk.
     this demo may freely be copied and distributed if no money is
     charged for it. N.A.A holds the copyright for the
     demosystem and datafiles, Ian Luck  holds the copyright
     for the bass sound system and respective owner the
     copyright for the used movie themes. in plain english this
     means that you are not allowed to make money on Childbone without
     the written permission from the N.A.A members.
	And don't forget BuGs aRe EvErYwHeRe! 

  West End. (c)N.A.A 2001.
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