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MyProject by Chaos Management Unit [web]

Chaos Management Unit

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SDL and SDL_Mixer installed
G15Daemon and a Logitech G15 keyboard if you wish to run the real demo
The emulated version works with just SDL and SDL_Mixer.


MyProject.tar.bz2      - The actual demo showed on screen, requires a properly set up G15Daemon
MyProject_emul.tar.bz2 - Should work on any 32bit x86 Linux machine with SDL and SDL_Mixer.
MyProject_proper.mp4   - A slightly better video than the one originally showed on screen.. Still bad, though.


This demo sucks monkey butt, we know. The music was completed in about an hour,
without the musician (Shroomi) having a clue about how the demo was going to be.
Coding took between 6 and 9 hours, with most of the time spent working out bugs
with the framebuffer drawing lib. :)


Patson - effects, demo loop, timing, so-called design
Zirgion - MyProject "title screen" and image slider code (not credited in demo though)
Shroomi - Impressive trance track <3

Congratulations to Dekadence for keeping it real for a solid 10 years!

/* (c) CmU 2007 */

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