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I can't stop the motion

	Version 2007.
	by PulpFic (Nicolas A.)

	Hello guys, by searching a CD i found a CD with a Wild Compo maded with
	my friend named DAM'S for the VOLCANIC PARTY 5 in France '99, I decide to
	put this Wild on line for all via internet. 

	This Wild wasn't classed correctly. No First, second, etc.. :) lol but I think
	it was 15 / 30 range not 100% sure. In the official results edited there are many
	years ago we can see the correct position of course.

	This Wild maded in few hours (about 3'30 hours) the night before to go to the Party
	at the DAM'S home's. We used Adobe Premiere and Photoshop for the graphics effects 
	and the video montage.	

	Thanks if you like this cool and fun Wild :)
	Thanks again if you download this Wild and distribute it :)

	If you want to contact me  : pulpfic@voila.fr	

	we can find also the 2 musics used in the Wild in their original version
	in the MP3 format in thie .RAR archive file.

	Voice-off robotics effect :
	by DAM'S (Damien F.)

	Keyboard effect scene :
	From CDROM PC free scenes of the game Rise of the Robots / Mirage

	Mecanics sound with the keyboard scene, with all Formula One motor sounds :
	Audio montage by DAM'S with "MECANIC SYMPHONY" VOL.1 Audio CD

	Fixed graphics screens, Greetings and Greetings effects :
	by PulpFic and DAM'S

	3D spatial ship scene, robots and the corridor :
	From CDROM PC free scenes of the game Rise of the Robots / Mirage

	Musical Party scene  :
	From MOBY (music clip)

	Added scenes :
	Video game WIPE OUT on Playstation / SCE / Psygnosis
	Video game GRAND TURISMO on Playstation SCE
	Video game RIDGE RACER on Playstation SCE / NAMCO
	Added :

	"The Fifth Element" film scenes by Luc Besson
	Adobe Première program
	Adobe Photoshop program
	Voice program modifier




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