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Mild Fantasy Violence by Haujobb

Haujobb presents: Mild Fantasy Violence.

This is our contribution to the Amiga demo compo at Breakpoint 2007.

Code: Optima
Music: Puryx/TBC

I (Optima, that is) have always wanted to make a hard and pounding
"trance-demo" and finally I have. Special thanks must go to Puryx for
producing a fab track exclusively for this project. I'm really
satisfied with this demo. It is exactly as raw and dirty as I wanted
it to be. I can't wait to see/hear it in the compo :) 

However, this release is not as polished with regards to timing, as
I would have liked it to be, so a final may be released. The two
reasons for this sort of beta state are:

1) My timing scheme is a tad off on emulator and since I really didn't
   fancy bringing my real a4k, I had to settle for this.
2) Is is completely and utterly impossible to hear anything in a
   headset in the party hall.

Special greetings to Corial/Focus Design for moral support. Hold kæft,
hvor var jeg dog smadret den morgen du tvang mig til at benytte dit
super-deluxe liggeunderlag ;)

Enough work. Time for a quick slurp.
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