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Ray4K by Affinity [web]


Version 1.0

code&music: e64 
(some code based from fractoid)
(music based from b00mer)


multi processor 2ghz+
512mb ram
Windows XP

any version of windows that supports GDI32, and probably any x86 cpu with a fpu.

(developed on a Athlon MP 2000+)

The party-version is the sub 4k version of this intro, and is size optimized in such a way that performance is severly degraded. For this reason, you should always run the compatible version : it is identical, except it is performance optimized and can take advantage of multiple processors.

The intro was originaly based on my old software synth and fractoids very old raytracer. I modified his raytracer to support metaballs, and then found everything was too big. So both the raytracer and the synth were re-written from scratch. And now it all fits.

The melody comes from an old mod from b00mer.


Past Releases:
Feb00:Hello World . 256k Intro . 1st Coven 2000
Apr00:Fuzzy!      .    Demo    . 22nd MS2K
Feb01:Blue        .    Demo    . 3rd  Coven 2001
Feb01:Mist Garden . 256k Intro . 1st  Coven 2001
Aug01:Robo        .  64k Intro . ?? Caos Constructions
Aug03:Fishtro2    .  64k Intro . 4th Buenzli 12
Dec05:nullarbor2k6.64k Invitro . 2nd au Xmas Compo 2005
Feb06:Retro4k     .   4k Intro . 2nd nullarbor 2006
Feb06:No Time     .  Slideshow . 3rd nullarbor 2006
Dec06:nullarbor2k7.64k Invitro . 4th au Xmas Compo 2006
Mar07:Ray4k       .   4k Intro . ?? nullarbor 2007

See you at the next nullarbor!
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