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The Potato Salad by Team #coders


Team #coders info

What is it:

An IRC based group bent on world domination :) (nah, we just want to make
demos and games for all of you nice people to enjoy)

Team #coders was formed in November 1996 when Vastator was bored and wanted
to do something. He found many other people who were bored and wanted to do
demos/games so we formed. Originally we were a team of 10 coders, but we soon
found out that coders are not the best musicians and artists :) So then we
got a few members from #trax. The original team was: Vastator, Wog, Lander,
Magellan, JNK, Dante, Eliot, Skinbits, Naveed, Kvantti. We later took on
Narq, Kal Zakath, LuvK, TimJ, and jmX. Unfortunately, jmX dropped out
(disappeared), Skinbits disappeared, Naveed quit(he didn't feel useful :(),
JNK disappeared, and Lander quit.

None! This is our debut! :)

Detailed info on T#C

Name              | Alias            | Age |    From |           Specialty
Joseph Mocanu     | Vastator         |  15 |Canada   | Coding, Music                   
Tim Wharton       | TimJ             |  17 |Britain  | Coding                   
Ryan Covert       | Kindred          |  17 |Canada   | BBS, a bit of art :)                   
Joshua Shagam     | Quantum Porcupine|  17 |USA      | Music, Coding                  
P.G. Marczyk      | PGM              |  ?? |Poland   | Music
Stefan Kucharik   | Eliot            |  ?? |Austria  | Music                   
Chris Rossall     | Magellan         |  2? |Sweden   | Coding                   
Jukka T. Liimatta | Wog              |  22 |Finland  | Coding                    
Bruno Carlos      | Dante            |  2? |Portugal | Coding                    
Rafe Hart         | Harlequin        |  ?? |Australia| Art                   
Jason Gannon      | Digital Assassin |  18 |Canada   | Art                   
John Townsend     | Kal Zakath       |  ?? |USA      | Music                   
Luv Kohli         | Luv Kohli        |  16 |USA      | Music                   
Garth Krumins     | Narq             |  2? |Australia| Coding                   

How to contact us:


Outpost '96 - SysOp: Kindred +1-613-475-4423 T#C WHQ

Snail: Nah... I know you'd all love to send us money, gifts, and food..
       but, there are also sickos that would love to send ugly things, bombs,
       etc. So we pass :)

The Potato Salad INFO

The Potato Salad, is an OKAY demo I guess. I think it's good for our first
production :) Anyhow.

 /* Requirements: 486DX3 or DX4, 9 MB RAM (it runs with 8, but ACT II crashes,
the final version will work. It's because the compressed data must be loaded
ENTIRELY into memory, or else it'd be very slow. We had to compress it to
satisfy NAID size limits, the final version we will uncompress the data so
it works with all computers with 8 megs ram. However if you have a GUS it
*MIGHT* work because the songs would be loaded into GUS memory). */ :)

Nononono. It only needs 8mb ram now :) This is FINAL version :)
The demo was originally 2.7 megs, but now it's 3.5 because we had
to decompress some of the data to get it to run with 8 meg systems.
We have no clue how we placed, but we want to release this now :)
Have fun, enjoy.

Recommended: Pentium 90 or better, 16mb RAM, GUS or SBpro.

It took us nearly 5 months to make this demo and we hope you will enjoy it.

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