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Faded by oror [web]

                          _____   ___ _____  ____
                         / __ /_ / _/_\ __ \ \  _\
                        [______//_/  \______] \_\
                         i n f o r m a t i o n s

 'FADED like the life'
 first demo
 5th at LTP4 (Crosnes - France) (27/08/2000)
 final release (01/09/2000)
 --Material requirement ----------------------------------

    Pentium II 233 Mhz.
    64 Mb
    Sound card (Gus, Sound Blaster or others).
    Directx 7 for Win 9x/NT 5 version.
    Directx 3 for Win NT4 version.

    No 3D card need. The rendering is totally software.

    ALT+ENTER: to switch between fullscreen and windowed mode
    SPACE: to save a shoot of the screen named "shootxx.jpg"
 --Credits ------------------------------------------------

   Main Programming: CyKoCaToR
   Software video library: CyKoCaToR
   3D Engine: CyKoCaToR && John S!lver
   Gfx: Toast`
   3D Modeling: Toast`
   Guest 2D gfx: Sly
   Music: tOrOne

 --Greetz -------------------------------------------------------

   This demo is dedicated to Alain Massoumipour and my grand father Albert

   Kisses go to:
    mylΦne, karine, delphine and all our faded loves ...

   Handshakes go to:
    Skal^Bomb, Krafton^Nomad, Shoon Corp (Wiss, Shaoz), Intense (Erk, MjPower, Sylicon, Trashman),
    Stil^Warp, #codefr, Popsy Team (Ghell, U2, Gillian), Condense, Orion(Jaylee, Niakool), Oeil pour Oeil,
    Middle^B-Fact, Cyg^BlaBla, LTP orga (The best demo party ever, we have killed the gamers), #vannes

  Respects go to:
   Orange Juice, Bomb, TBL, GODS, SoftAge, Digital Murder, all TRUE demomakers

 --oror Contacts-----------------------------------------------------------


	CyKo    cykocator@yahoo.fr	http://cyko.planet-d.net
	Toast`	toaster@wanadoo.fr	http://toast.planet-d.net
	VorTex	vortex@oror-media.org
	S!lver	silver@oror-media.org
	tOrOne	torone@planet-d.net	http://torone.planet-d.net
	sly	sly@planet-d.net	http://sly.planet-d.net

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