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Attack by Fobia Design [web]

                         /                            .
                  /\  /\/           ú                  \
                 /  \/              ù                   \/\  /\
                ¬\_______________   :_____      _____      \/  \
               /,.-- -   -    - _>  |,--,:\!   (|   /|_________«\
          ,----\______________«'----||     |---|:  ' |-  -.      \-----!
          |,-- -||       , ú:||_____;_     |------,  :       _____|   .|
          |:    |:       ú\___;+n­---.|    |     :|  |    ,_¬    ù|   :|
          |.    |ù       :|:         :|    :     :|  |     ||    :|.,_;|
          `-----|ú       ù|          :|    «__  / |__;     |:    :|----'
                |,________;  ._ __ __||-----------­ :,_____|:    ||
                ­         '-----------'                    |______;
      _ __________«\_ _________ /\___«____________ _________   __________
        |:        \_         :_/___  \   :\_    :|/:       :\_/:      _ _)
        |:         |    _ ___ :       _ __ _;_ _ |     ___   _)     _  _«
        |    _/:   |:       :\|______      |    )|:  _/   \ _;      :    |
        |   __    :|:     - ---|:    \_ _  7:    )   \_ _  \|       |   :|
         \_/______/:_ ____ ____|:   _______:\____;___________\ _____/   :|
                               |___/       ­                        \____;


             º  A T T A C K - ( C ) F O B I A   D E S I G N  º
             Our contribution to Assembly'95 demo competition!
                        This demo won the ?st place!


    - 486DX2/66 or higher recommended (math coprosessor required!)
    - A fast VLB or better recommended also
    Memory and drivers:
    - About 590kbs of basemem
    - 2 megs of EMS
    - This demo has been tested under QEMM, EMM386 and HIMEM drivers,
      without any problems
    If the demo somehow decides to crash on your system, then try these:
    - Run with "no sound" option
    - Remove all TSR, leaving only the EMM386
    - Buy a faster computer! (Music synchronizing probably won't work on
      a slow computer)
    - Contact us, and describe the way the demo crashes, so we even might
      try to fix that problem


    Hornet has done all of the graphics and a few palettes used in effects.
    Segment has done most of the effects and Project has been of great
    assistance while optimizing the routines. Music was done by DJB, except
    the first two patterns, which were added by Segment. MIDAS was used
    to play the music. Some Ascii's appeared in these files are made/drawn
    by Necrite.


    Segment     -   Code, PR, BBS
    Hornet      -   Graphics
    Howler      -   PR, Supply, Swap, Trading
    MIRV        -   Supply, Trading
    Project     -   Code, PR
    Necrite     -   Ascii, Trade, PR, Music
    DJB         -   Music, Commercial graphics


    So, here it is! The long awaited ATTACK-demo. This whole demo was
    compiled from single effects to this in two days!! Believe it or not!
    Segment has been coding these effects since FD released Paestro at
    Easter. Every single bit is written by Segment and Project. Only in
    the 3D-engine we had to use some PD-sources. Although, they've been
    optimized by Project. There's no design in this demo, due to the lack
    of time! ;(
    BTW: This demo is coded with Turbo Pascal 7.0, but, of course, many
         speed-eating routines were made in ASM...

    This material is not freeware. You are allowed to copy it without
    restrictions for non-commercial use.
    No payment of any kind may be charged for this product or any 
    combination of products or services including this product without
    our authorization and official written license.
    Commercial use, especially the industrial manufacturing on any
    data storage media and their distribution without the expressed
    permission of the producer, is strictly prohibited.
    This program or the data files contained herein may not be altered
    or modified without the permission of the authors.
    You take full responsibility for the operation of this software
    and any consequences thereof. We the creators cannot accept
    liability for damages or failures arising from the use of this


    Although, we grant full rights to Assembly Organizing, so
    they could put this product on to the Assembly'95 CD-ROM.


    If you want to contact for any commercial reason, please, contact
    one of the OFFICIAL authors:

     Segment ->          Snailmail: Tony Illman
                                    Kirjurintie 5
                                    05400 JOKELA
                            E-Mail: segment@pcuf.fi

     Project ->          Snailmail: Riku-Ville M„kel„
                                    Nuppulinnantie 257 A
                                    05430 NUPPULINNA
                            E-Mail: project@pcuf.fi

    If you just want to send a comment or you have other non-commercial
    things you would like to share with us (in other words swapping,
    etc.), please, contact one above or:

     Howler ->           Snailmail: Veli-Pekka Kivim„ki
                                    Leinosentie 12
                                    04440 JŽRVENPŽŽ
                            E-Mail: howler@pcuf.fi or

#[ THANKS ]#

    Special thanks must go to:

    - ATK-Palvelukeskus RUTIINI OY (ADP-Service Center ROUTINE Ltd.)
      for great hardware support and funding!!
    - Jarno Paananen and Petteri Kangaslampi for best moduleplayer in
      the whole world!
    - Mom for making damn good coffee... Oh yeah! And my Dad's excellent
      home-made wine!! ;-)
    - Assembly Organizing for arranging so great evens like Asm'95!
    - Borland for making Turbo Pascal/Assembler compilers!
    - The Infected for lending his nice red blinking light!
    - The MGA for seeing so much trouble while getting me that red light!
    - All people in scene! Without you we wouldn't be doing this!!


 Epeius/Night Vision^S!P, Disperin, Distance/Orange, Abyss/FC,
 sYmptom, Stalker, Ember/Halcyon, J-P/Rebels, S.K. , T.V. , V.K. , Fab
 (Just look at those clowns below... This is how you make your greets:
 short & simple. :) ( <- He means those TWO clowns! I ain't a clown -Smt)
 ( ^- He means that ONE clown! I ain't a clown -MIRV) ( <-- Yes he is!
 He started this!!!-DoC), (and that means you have to continue???-MIRV)
 (No, I just showed how stupid your greetings are, and that's it! Period!
 -DoC) ( Ok, you two jerks! This space is for HOWLER's greetings, NOT for
  your war! BTW: If this goes on, our demo won't be accepted to the compo,
  due too large size... -Smt! PS. GROW UP!) (ok, but DoC suxxxxx..heh:)

 All Fanatics and MOBiLEs, (This is going to be short) Diffusion and
 Scoopex (hOW tHE hELL dID yOU rECOGNIZE mE??) and also MIxu & ARZi...
 Some special greetings go to Kilpikonna, Rolle-koira, M”rk”-kissa and
 MIRV-undulaatti... :-) (u suck -MIRV) (BTW, he did nothing for this
 demo... :) (I did, you didn't accept my pix...Btw, could we stop
 this?-)-MIRV) (OK...-DoC) (Good, sehr paljon bra-MIRV)

 Abyss/FC, Ember/Halcyon, Prime, EMF, Thor, onx se kytketty? =)
 (Segment, don't interrupt...although toaster rules;), Creative
 Labs (no, don't kill me, awe IS equal to gus in mods (And otherwise too
 -DoC- Well, some differences, but not 2 much -MIRV), Ender
 (and other MoG-players), Fab, Kaizu, (<-- Look! He greets everyone!! -DoC)
 (er, what about your greets to your dog and so on...-MIRV)
 And of course: Hanna-Riikka & Nina / Taikapeili and Bj”rk!
 (btw: why do rest of the FD listen to HC?!?!?!) (Because we like it. <g>
 -Hwr) (Ok, forget about it, it's just that, well, Bj”rk and Taikapeili
 give me much more than HC, but, that's me...-MIRV)

 Whole Disease and Velocity, Ember, JORMAS!, Codehead, J-P, YLE, Mom and
 Dad, My pets, Cel-Out, and the rest of the scene... U know who I mean... =)

 tehdas alliance, disease posse, whole ekg, beatfire, tunkioliero,
 insolube, codehead, spector, echo, keksi and everyone who i met
 at asm95. :)

 Ember/Halcyon, Vaakku/Da Bomb, Cel-Out

   #[ - - - - - - - - - - - - - - THE END - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ]#
                           (sad, but true... ;-)

    Segment / Fobia Design
    (Project was here ;)
    (So was everybody else... :)
    (Oo, big deal!)


    Please, save your words... We know you love us!
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