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Devotion 2 by Haujobb

                                June, 2001


                            [I s s u e  t w o]


                      Wade . Sane . Fishwave . Ghandy

                          [sponsored by Haujobb]

                              C r e d i t s

                         Code: Mr Tickle/Darkage
                         Magazine Design: Adam/DCS

                         Music: Chromag/Haujobb
                                Curt Cool/Depth

                    Title Pictures: Zaac

                    S p e c   R e q u i r e m e n t s

                              An Amiga 1200
                              AGA or Gfx Card

                        I n s t a l l a t i o n

    Copy the Devotion directory including all files and sub-directories to
    your preferred destination. Double click icon.

                     T h a n k s  &  A p o l o g i e s

    We [the Dvn staff] would like to thank all our supporters and everybody
    who motivated our work. 

    Stingray, for providing us with a great oldskool intro, despite the
    lack of a functional Amiga.

    And a special thanks must, of course, go to Mr Tickle/Darkage, for 
    donating his code to us in our time of need, and thus saving many
    months of hard work.

    We would also like to make the following apologies:

    All those who originally sent work to Darkus for inclusion into this 
    issue. Sadly we were not able to procure any original contributions
    from Darkus and have therefore been unable use them in this issue.

    All editors whose requests for support I have declined. I hope all is
    now clear. 

    Darkhawk, for numerous reasons, one being the inclusion of the 2nd 
    title pic.

    Fishwave...he knows why.

                C o n t a c t   A d d r e s s e s

                [wade/hjb: wadedan@softhome.net]
                  [sane/hjb: saner@netmail.nl]
             [tickle/dkg: mrtickle@amiga4k.ndo.co.uk]

                   [Adam/dcs: adam@iobox.fi]


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