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Your Astral Pilot (meet the alien within) by Johan Alpmar & friends

                             Your Astral Pilot


                                Johan Alpmar

                                Mikael Kalms

                                Bjorn Flink

                                Martin Kalms

TranceMitted to humanity at Remedy '96 and participated in the demo compo.

                                                       Gavle 9047.39.77

Hello friends (earthly or otherwise),

The experience you just had or are about to have is our way to help you
meet the alien within yourself. We belive in the symbolic powers of the
alien encounter and abduction, the modern religous ecstasy making way
for the spiritual journey that will, hopefully, lead to cosmic unity.
So, like the devoted alien innernauts that we are, we hereby provide you
with a small mind amplifier, strobing our way through your eyes into your
brains to clense the blocked paths and to initiate you in the alien ritual.

                                        Have fun and Take care!

                                        We are happy to have been with you.

                   Contact für alle:

        Johan Alpmar            Mikael Kalms <kalms@vasa.gavle.se>
        Skyttestigen 10 D       Martin Kalms <hsf95033@student.hgs.se>
        806 36 Gavle            Bjorn "Mr U" Flink <nf95085@student.hgs.se>

Oh, by the way... This tentacular explosion works on all AGA Amigas.
It is fully systemfriendly -- it even works while DLing another one of our
soul-glowing mind-expanders from your local wormhole!

Included in this archive is also the music in standard Protracker MOD-format
("mod.etherealabduction") so you do not need to get your ripper out.
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