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Impact 3 by mewlers

 impact 3 - the armageddon (c) mewlers 1999
 the third and last part of the famous impact (tm) series
 a 64k intro from elevator '99

 code: pentium
 graphics: vga
 music: gus
 the rest: honeybunny, rainmaker and 216

 some words about i3:

 At the beginning there is a effect that simulates gravity and/or a birth
 of a galaxy. It has 32768 stars and they all gravitate each other. That
 means about one billion calculations per frame.

 Each star pulls itself towards each of the others using correct newtonian
 mathematics. Having 32768*32768/2 "strings" is still not a problem because
 they get evaluated at the same time due to the brilliant large matrix
 multiplication routine based in fourier transformation. The same trick can
 be applied also in factorizing very large numbers in O(log n) time.
 (this is why usa is starting to let people use "strong" encryption soon)

 The antialiased planet consists of about 32768 polys. You might see some
 interpolation errors but they come from inaccurate perspective correction
 (This is because we use highly optimized algorithms and sometimes the
 quality suffers).

 A-men, Byterapers, Coral, Council 4, Halcyon, mfx, Tpolm,

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