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Bleam by Lionhead

BLEAM, a demo by Statix and Vic

We'll keep this a short one;

First of all, this demo needs a p2/300 ,3dfx and windows 95 to run it. You can run it software aswell but well, you know... Ofcorse, this sucks so we made a .avi writer so that evryone can enjoy the demo at high quality. Or at least, a high framerate :) Just click the 'write .avi file' box in the dialog box.
if your video card doesn't support all the alpha blends (like dx5 software or powervr 1, but NOT dx6 software) then it will look wrong. sorry. ask your sysadmin for a 3dfx...

ALSO! watch out for a patch with stereo music, better quality video and any minor bug fixes - we had to go for mono music because of the 6 meg compo limit but it sounds nicer with stereo....

now the story:

we decided to make a big demo for asm with alex/melon. lots of talk, but I had no time so nothing really happened. Suddenly, it was monday before asm, and we had nothing. not 1 byte. So we started working like total NUTTERs, destroyed lionhead's office ambience for several days, and at 4.30am on thursday (count the hours...) we burn a preliminary avi file onto cd, for delivery by taxi to the video guys. we thought we could enter wild compo since it wasn't fitting into 6megs - but during the party vic persuaded me to code some new stuff and squish it all into the 6 megs required. so here it is. rushed, mega rushed, bugged and unfinished.
oh fuck it, I dont want tot type anymore ;)

some credits:

Statix, code /gfx
Vic, music / video editing

additional help:

Mark Healey, actor and 3d-man at Lionhead
Russel Shaw, music engeneer at Lionhead
Aap, making the Bleam logo picture in a real short-term period

those guys stayed up all night for several nights just for the sake of this poxy demo, so thanks a million guys.

even more additional support:

Peter Molyneux, being an all round dude, generous bastard to the point of exasperation, etc etc
Jonty, coming up with the title, location for the video-shoot, late night snacks and inspirational cd collection
Alex / melon for the initial inspiration, the club idea, and putting statix up in paris during the worldcup. Thanks and too bad you couldn't make it to asm to help out on this one.... next time!

ok, about the music; I've made this in mp3 format, simply because the sound quality is way better this way. Music is half the demo and good sound quality is half the music...

Here's Statix for some words...

the code is shitty due to super speed no-sleep coding stylee (aaarhhhggg) but it has wavelet video packing (over 1200 truecolour frames in 1 meg), realtime adaptive mesh reduction and other weird shit. just to let you know..... :)
hope you enjoyed it. it was fun to make, I think.... (sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep time now)

ok bye bye hope you liked it
we tried hard to make a 3dfx demo with style...... well, trying is all you can do :)

-vic and statix
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