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Memorize Your Dinner by Pseudo Concept & Dreamdealers [web]

   --------------==  p s e u d o . c o n c e p t  ==--------------
                          M E M O R I Z E   
                         << D I N N E R >>
   animation competition
   Breakpoint 2006
   Rank #4
                                                 by doh, Mezcal & Arios
   duration:  4m 47s                         
   format:    4 pass encoded Divx
   lyrics (by doh) ==------------------------------------------
   Memorize your Dinner

   Sometimes I just want to be in a kitchen;
   A small room, where there is nobody but food;
   Time, and a chance to taste about every meal in my life.
   But then, there would be strong will inside of me,
   which fights but could not get out;
   because everything would go out that way.
   If I'd want it or not.
   But I can lead my stomach in the right direction,
   when I make use of these forks and spoons,
   and just eat...
   There are many calories in every meat, in every pie, every beer.
   We just need to recognize it and take our weight,
   which leads to fascination.
   How could we easily get back our shape!
   With all these Bullshit-fat-reduced and diet-sodas?
   They are poison!
   They want to tell us we shouldn't keep our extra pounds,
   and how slim we should stay.
   Keep away this bullshit and gain some weight,
   even if you don't know which dessert you will choose,
   just eat...
   And you will find, what you were searching for.
   It is in fact not at all what you wanted, but
   it will lead you onto the fat way.
   Food -
   eat, just eat

   --------------------== www.dreamdealers.org ==--------------------

   This video is a kind message to JCO meaning: "Subtle video us beautiful next time, please!"
   Yeah, we wanted to give advises to the masses too! Yeah, let's search the most supid one: "Eat and get fat!"
   Just for fun anyway...
   Party version finished in a hurry just for the deadline. (Well, a bit after the deadline in fact).
   This final version was released 3 months after the Breakpoint and required 5 days of work to fix what we did in
   a hurry during the party (while beeing half drunk, in lack of sleep and smelling rough from inside the mouth).  
   Fast credits:

   - Arios: Music and vocals
   - doh: Video editing and effects
   - Mezcal : Travelling and kitchen-tunnel 3D effects

   Prod greetings:
   - Caroline, for having took an afternoon making singing tries for us
   - Jean-Luc, for having lent us his DV for the cabbage and restaurants shots
   - Mary, for having shot the cabbage and restaurants part
   - Shout/DRD, for also having tried to sing our stupid lyrics
   Party greetings:
   - Madenmann/TAP
   - Mary for the sandwiches we ate during our epic trip to Breakpoint
   - Oxbow/SCX for his driving-at-the-quarter-of-safety-distance skills ;)
   - Paradise
   - Reed/FLT
   - Sir Garbagetruck/ACC^MAWI
   - The Brainstorm team
   - The Demoscene TV team
   - and all the people we had a nice chat and drink with.
  General greetings:

  - Brainstorm
  - Cryptoburners
  - Demoscene TV
  - Fairlight
  - Melon Dezign
  - Nectarine
  - Noon
  - Orange Juice
  - Overlanders
  - Pulse
  - Scoopex
  - Syndrome
  - TAP
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