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Ms.Bulimia by SquoQuo [web]

       _______   __________      _____      __________   ______
  __  _)     \\__\        \\_____)   (_____//        /__//    (_  __
  )_\ \_______________                          _______________/ /_(
                     |      S Q U O   Q U O     |
     _____           |      ____                |     ____
   _/  __/___________!______)   \_______________!_____)   \________
   \______    _/  ___     _/       ___  _/  ___     _/       ___  (
        /_____\___\    \_______/)_______\___\    \_______/)_______/
                   \___(                     \___(elD 
                    _|                          |_
           _________\       P R E S E N T S      /_________
     __  ___)         ______     ____     ______         (___  __
     )_\ \___________\\     \___\\__//___/     //___________/ /_(
     Ms.Bulimia                          Breakpoint 2006 96k Game

 Hooray, you might say. This is the time for another very fine adult entertainment game.
 25-years of PuckMan (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pacman), isn't this enough reason to 
 happily celebrate and bring joy to the world?
 So here we go!
 But hey, Ms.PuckMan was even cuter than the old man himself. Well, ok.
 And again, erm, we like to give it a new thrill, so now you're
 not eating stuff
 but rather
 you'll vomit all over

  how to play
 Well, you all know the story.
 Run along the path, vomit again and again and avoid the evil cooks.
 Basically that's it.
 There are some extras too:
 - A blue clock slows down the cooks for some seconds
 - A cherry gives another 500 points
 - A red/blue pill gives you some serious cook-eating abilities. At least for some time that is
 - A medkit gives you one more life

 Everytime you finish a level successfully, you'll be brought back to the level selection screen,
 where a new level is unlocked. There are 4 levels in total, so go ahead!
 You can select the difficulty here as well, resulting in fast or slower cooks.

 Oh, we almost forgot:
 The cooks are called Cookie, Lookie, Bookie, Rookie, Fookie, Hookie, Wookie and Yookie
 Just so you know

 code                Hopper
 idea, design        Toxie, Bugger, Hopper
 music               Hopper
 "art"work           Hopper
 ASCII logo          elend
 live beta-testing   fieser wolf

  how to run
 Just load the ATR in the Atari 8-bit emulator of your choice.
 We suggest using Atari800Win.
 Or you could hook up your real hardware via SIO2PC cable and play it there.
 Needs only 64kB, so any standard Atari should do.

  unsolved issues
 Game crashes after the game over message. Been sitting on this bug for about 3 days, and now
 i'm tired. So be it, maybe i'll fix this sometime.
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