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4 Edges by The Black Lotus [web]

               4 edges by The Black Lotus for Playstation 2.

Full Credits:


Main coding, engine coding, effects, converter tools, system coding and camera work.


System coding, FFT generator, SH renderer (did not make it to the demo) and cdversion.


Landscape graphics.


The rest of all graphics.

Little Bitchard:

Kick ass music.


Hardware required: Playstation 2 compatible hardware able to boot
homebrew CDs.

NTSC capable display.

Notice that this demo is only released as an ISO image for now as there
are some problems streaming the music over host with ps2link. When
these issues are resolved an host version will be released.


I wanted to release a demo for Playstation 2 for quite some time now
and finally its here.

I would like to thank all people that helped me during the years in
#ps2dev esp Sparky for dot3 stuff (will be included next time ;) and
lots of other help with filters for the ps2.
jbit for fixing and helping out with the adpcm music playing and the
rest of the #ps2dev people: Neov, Oobles, Tyr, Boomint, adresd, Gillian
Raizor, Nagra, gorim and the rest I forgot.

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