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Rip Van Vegas by Finality

 code:  white shadow
 music: william hooligan

   kb for libv2,
   ryg for .kkrunchy

Requires Shader Model 2.0 and the more VRAM the better.

To be honest, I'm pretty disappointed in this. Every demo I make is a
massive learning process and here I realised that having good ideas is
fine, but (a) they've got to look good (b) you have to fit them together.
Hence the rather bitty nature and overuse of some effects. Still, I
really like the volumetric light shafts, and I have lots of affection
for the first and last scenes.

Oh, and why Finality? Most likely because it's the final (and only) release
we'll do under this name. I think I'm bored of working on the code base
alone, anyone want to form a group?

Greets to all the UK sceners, everybody who I met at Breakpoint last year
(TFT, Mostly Harmless and other random sceners), and special thanks to smash
and parapete. Hopefully see UKScene 64k domination!

And extra greets to all the people I'll meet at Breakpoint this year when
I get on the plane (12 hours from now!).

white shadow
14th April 2006

Contact us, especially if you're a graphics artist:
 white shadow - steve.mcauley@gmail.com
 william hooligan - g.gardiner42@ntlworld.com

P.S. 34.5kb... maybe should have spent the time to make it a 32k :)
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