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                            °±²Û²±°°     °°±²Û²±°
                     °±²Û²±°°                   °°±²Û²±°       
              °±²Û²±°°                                 °°±²Û²±°
       °±²Û²±°°              -Transmogrification-             °°±²Û²±°
°±²Û²±°°                            part                             °°±²Û²±°
       °±²Û²±°°                                               °°±²Û²±°
              °±²Û²±°°               II                °°±²Û²±°
                     °±²Û²±°°                   °°±²Û²±°       
                            °±²Û²±°°     °°±²Û²±°

                       Copyright(C) 1997 (and forward)




                                    64k of
                               Flex cpu control.


                          Poison frequent frequencies.


                        Balooïs balistic font mechanics


                          NamNam genuine eye-pleasure



  Legal stuff,please read it.. itïs good for your weak mind

  This material is not freeware. You are allowed to copy
  it without restrictions for non-commercial use.However you are
  allowed to eat it with a piece of salami or maybe some flesh.
  No payment of any kind may be charged for this product or any
  combination of products or services including this product without
  our authorization and official written license.
  Commercial use, illegal sex, especially the industrial manufacturing on any
  data storage media and their distribution without the expressed
  permission of the producer, is strictly prohibited.
  This program or the data files containing heroin may not be altered
  or modified without the permission of the author.
  You take full responsibility for the operation of this software
  and any consequences thereof. We the creators cannot accept
  liability for damages or failures arising from the use of this

  And donït put this on any cdïs unless you intend to send a copy to us.



   VBE 2.0 and 320x??? in 16 bit is needed.
   320x400 modes are tweaked to 320x200 and 320x480 to 320x240
   (I could support 640x??? too,if someone told me how to tweak in xres.. =))

   You probably wonït need more than 8mb of memory,but you never know..

   And donït mess with the port-choose-arrow-thing. It has a tendancy too
   hang if you move it to fast.... and it fucks with doskey and 4dos 
   sometimes too.. bloody thing.   =)

   There are no error messages of any kind,so if something is wrong,it will
   just pop out to dos without writing anything..

   However there can only be 4 possible errors:
                                        No VBE 2.0
                                        No such mode.   (320x??? 16bit)
                                        No memory.
                                        Windows version older than 3.0

   So just verify that you have those things handy...

   The final version will have errormsgïs and it will be in vbe 1.2
   and use Midas..
   I promise.. Ah,come on.. please?!

   I still had about 5.5k space left for code and gfx,but i couldnït use
   it because Poison wasnït here to make the module longer..(true) =)


   like.. um ,ok..

   Third party:
		- Pascal for the MXM code...
		- Charles and Thomas for Pmode/w.
                - Thanks to Sunday/TPOLM for the texture in the tunnel.

 See ya all at the Gathering 98...

                 Ÿlex/Blocc     (flex/blocc)


Hidden part:

 You are now greeted..

so get on with your life.. enjoy yourself..
have sex.. look at porno.. take a leak...
have some more sex... eat a pineapple,
enjoy the pleasure of sex.. and then 
watch transmogrification again..

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