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poliisi on ystäväsi by iso

Poliisi on yst„v„si - hitler / iSO

the scanned piccys are from internet, www.dlc.fi/~ravelre/tampere if I
correctly remember. The pictures were taken during the 'black-green
days' at Tampere (Tampereen mustavihre„t p„iv„t) when some polices
beated up people and mis-used the power stated to police by the law.

This production just resembles my thoughts, just after that incident
at Tampere I really began to think why the hell you get beaten up if
you tell your opinion about some multinationalistic corporation in

I recommend the web-page I mentioned earlier, it has muchos
information about that weekend.. Somehow I don't trust police

Be vigilant, the revolution has just begun. hITLEr / iSO
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