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Edge by The Clan (pc)

                                  the Clan

                               _E ú D ú G ú E_

                          (C)opyRight 1997 The Clan

Contents of this file:

                              I.ABOUT THIS DEMO
                          II.ABOUT THIS DEMOGROUP
                             III.ABOUT EUSKAL 5
                              V.MORE GREETINGS


		   	  Best viewed with DOS edit
			    (optimiced for ASCII)


        This demo has been very bad programmed and it needs a pentium
        processor to run, but you can try to run it in a 486, and if you have
        enough balls, in a 386 (i've tested and it runs).                        

        This software is freeware so you can give it to all your friends, but
        DO NOT MODIFICATE any file of this package.

        RISK.  (cut'n'paste from PUMP.TXT)


        (10th at euskal party - thanks for voting us)

        Ok, so you were so bored that you decided to read this useless TXT
        file. (NOTE that i don't write english very well). This demo has been
        coded in C / C++ with some bits of 386 ASM. I (MURCi) learned to
        program some months ago (because i had to pass my exams), and i get
        interested in graphic programming so i started to read some tuts i
        found in CD-ROM's. This demo is the result of some hours of hard-work
        and it was finished at the party place one hour before the deadline.

        The demo has been entirely coded by MURCi (hey, that's me), except the
        plasma and some hidden routines, which was coded by EnLaR in 1 hour
        or less at the party. (enlar typing: actually it took me some hours,
        and it really looks awful) The best part of the demo, the MUSIC, is
        due to DeepNoise.

        You can see that the 3D engine is very sloooow and uses simple -
        but effective - flat polygons. The plasma is a bit strange too,
        and the sprite engine has no ASM optimizations. I had to do all the
        GFX that appear in this demo, but i'm not a GFX artist.

        Partial comments:

                Intro Voice:    DeepNoise
                Intro lyrics:   DeepNoise

            First presented...
                I coded this thinking that the demo would be more impressive.

                Over 100 stars with long tail...

            'EDGE' Title:
                It was the shortest title i found, lots of polys with
                depth sorting.

            Solar System:
                I'd prefer to do this with more and gouraud textured polys
                but i didn't know how ... (but now i do)

                I thought i was original, but... during the party i saw
                PANIC (FC), and... you know how i feel...

                This was coded by EnLaR in some hours. It's really original

            Demon with Fire:
                Have you seen Urotsikidoji? The fire is poorly optimized
                (pure C), but looks nice, i think ;-)

            Girl Scroller with lens:
                Ok, the original code supported various lens at the same
                time, one over the other, but when i compiled all this mess
                all crashed and a reorganized all (i 1 hour) missing
                the lens.
                (Hey, people liked the girl and the len zoomin those parts :-#                                                                                             

                This was really hard cause the CHAOS theory, you oughta know
                that it's imposible to study a (what i'm sayin'??)...

            End Scroll:
                We fogotted a lot of people cause the deadline was near, but
                we would like to greet all you in the scene.                   

        Vale, esta parte se acab¢ (vicio al WaveRace64).


        The demogroup idea started after the EuskalParty 4 in SnakeCharmer &
        Devil's minds, who met there EnLaR. I met Snake.. when i started the
        career. I had to study C/C++ programming and so i started to code.
        I presented DeepNoise to the rest of the group, and we started to
        think in presenting a demo in the next Euskal. We coded some FX's
        till the Party. Two weeks before the party we encountered a big
        problem. Me and EnLaR were coding in C and Snake.. & Devil in Pascal...
        it was to late to translate all the codes to one language and in the
        party we presented this demo and an intro.
        (enlar typing: actually, the intro was going to be a short-demo with
        music, but it was coded in real mode and when SnakeCharmer&Devil
        tried to add the music to the code with DemoVT it crashed badly.
        It seems that there were memory shortage problems... you know,
        real mode sucks because of segments and 1Mb limit... So they decided
        to present a without-music intro... and it was 5th!! ;) )

        Now, we all have decided to program in C...

        Also, it's remarkable that DeepNoise toasted his computer at the
        party. The computer wasn't turned off during a day or so, and
        finally his controller got burned... it seems that the partyplace
        was too hot for the computer ;) (it was quite hot, sure, but not so)
        (MURCi: yeah, say it to my chocolate donuts)


        EnLaR, Snake.. & Devil went to last party, and there they met, but
        that's another history, ask them for it. This is the first time i
        attend a party and so does DeepNoise, but as you surely now ;-/,
        the rest of the group went to the previous one. DeepNoise & me went to
        Tolosa to see the Euskal 3, but only one day as public.

        I have been impressed by this party. All has been OK, the organizing,
        the people, the ambient,... all except the electricity. The first two
        days the electricity went down a lot of times, but next year this will
        be solved. The NET system failed for some computers too, and Deep's
        one was between those computers.


        We are thinking in the future, and we'll try to do a better demo
        for the next Euskal. We code as a hobby and we only want to
        participate. (with this demo we only would win a Z80 competition).
        (enlar: maybe not!)
        (murci: perhaps)


        Ok, this is MURCi writing, and i wanna tell you some things:

        * Greet's to these groups:
                Incognita, Iguana, Anaconda, Senco (we met in the IRC),
                TLOTB, Spanish Lords...all you...
        * "Nintendo is the best creating games"
        * "PlayStation is good, but N64 is better"
        * "Microsoft Suxx, & Billy Gates wants to rule the world (have you
                read 1984 by George orwell)"
        * I would like to say that if we want this SceneWorld to keep alive
                i think it's good to spread tut's and those things, and
                not like one person i read in pcmania, that sold codes
                that i suppose he hasn't written.
        * Now i greet persons i know:
                Garris (Surfin' USA), Garciandoria (PASAiMAN), Martin (ejem)
                Fer (Molontx), Fernando from Gasteiz...
        * And now, persons i haven't ever met:
                PurpleMotion, LizardKing, Skaven, Awesome, NoisyMan, JARE,
                JCAB, Voghe, Mr.H, and all the people in the scene...
	(Ponga aqui su publicidad)

	Saludos personales de enlar/The Clan:

    	* Jose Juan Montes (Fidonet): el fuego que mandaste a un  rea echomail
    		me pic¢ por la programaci¢n y as¡ hice mi primer efecto (otro 
		fuego! 8) )

   	* Javier Amian (Fidonet): Las funciones inline en ASM que me mandaste me
 		fueron muy £tiles para empezar.

	* Urko Alberdi: fue qui‚n me ense¤¢ las primeras demos de mi vida, como
		la Second Reality, la The Real Thing, Dope,... gracias!! 8)

    	* Todos los miembros de The Clan, seguro que el a¤o que viene hacemos
		algo m s decente!

	* El grupo Dosis (Geiger): fflush(stdout) rulez! ;-)
	* Un saludo tambi‚n para todos aquellos de los que me olvido, y para los
    		que leen esto.

    	* Por £ltimo una disculpa, prometo no dejar que mi grupo presente una
		demo tan impresentable como esta (y como lo que m s el "plasma", 
		que lo hize yo despu‚s de una noche de insomnio). De esto se libra 
		la m£sica, ­qu‚ bueno eres Deep Noise!! ;)

	* I wish to thank all the musician in the scene. You don't know how
		happy can one be with your music. When I have a problem in some 
		code that I don't manage to fix, I take a rest, run a module 
		player and listen to some of your wonderful productions... whow, 
		and when I'm listenning to them, inspiration comes to me and I 
		realize where was the problem and how to fix it!!! That's really 
		cool!! Keep up your good work, Dune, Skaven, Purple Motion,
		Lizardking, Vogue, Captain, Jugi, Estrayk, Mentat, Noisyman, DEM, 
		DJKIKE, SampleMind, and all the others! 8)

    	* GUS! You don't know what's music until you have a GUS Board. This is
		specially for DeepNoise, I'm sure your studio-man would be much 
		more happy if you got a GUS ;)

	And now DeepNoise want to tell you something...

	(sorry but he is absent...)

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