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The Return of the Raving Tomatos by T$ [web]

The Return of the Raving Tomatoes
-= We are back =-

by T$

Mekka+Symposium 2001
4k Intro Competition

Requires DirectX 8,
32bit capable graphic card for full quality,
otherwise use 16bit version with Voodoo3 and similar cards
(use the 2ndcard versin for Voodoo add-on cards)
Soundcard supported by DirectSound
Running time approx. 2-3 min

Note that it takes some time to precalculate the sound
(the sound is precalculated for allowing smoother animation on
slower machines) and turn up the volume.

This is not really final nor complete and there is still a lot of
unused space left, but there wasn´t time to fill it...

-Intro crashes
 This may be caused by:
  -no DX8 available
  -trying to run the 32bit version on a card which only supports 16 bit for 3d
  -DirectSound not working (bad or missing sound card)
  -trying to run the non-2ndcard versions on systems where only the second cards supports D3D8
-no Sound, but Graphic works fine
  -turn up the volume
  -check if the wave output channel is enabled in the mixer
  The intro does not run without sound since the complete intro 
  synchronisation is based on DirectSound
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