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Smok Issue #1 by Adrar Design

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                           THE ADRAR DESIGN INFO FILE
                                  revision 2.3

         This file was written to deliver to you important information
         about Polish group Adrar Design and its releases. It also
         contains some facts about demoscene in Poland and other
         groups existing there.
         It is updating as often as it needs, usually every two
         weeks. You can get the most recent version by mailing us.
         We do hope you find it interesting. It will be included
         to all our future releases.


          Handle     Real Name             Born  Main responsibility
          Heya       Marcin Milczarz       1975  Coder,Organizer,Swapper
          Astra      Michal Szklanowski    1974  Coder,Organizer,InterNet
          Ziel       Krzysztof Zielinski   1977  He-Man Coder
          Piotr      Piotr Wasik           1976  Coder
          JanCyk     Piotr Janiec          1974  Musician
          SKARTARiS  Dominik Dobruchowski  1976  Musician,Coder
          Ralfik     Rafal Dranka          197?  Musician
          Storm      Pawel Krawczyk        1977  Ray Artist
          Well       Michal Rudy           19??  Musician

                         FEW WORDS ABOUT EACH MEMBER

          Heya -  the guy who founded Adrar. He is very good system
                  programmer, but can make cool efx, too. Lately is
                  rather busy with his school and some important
          Astra - wow! that's me! I am mainly a coder, but recently
                  due to lack of free time only organizer, partially
                  swapper (e-mail). Loving user programming.
          Ziel -  the youngest member of Adrar. And actually the best
                  coder in the group. He can incredibly optimize each
                  effect, and the result is just killing.
          Piotr - not active lately. He has some cool ideas he realizes
                  but mainly is not interested in demoscene. Although
                  his effects are placed sometimes in our demos.
         JanCyk - a musician. He has a good sense of rhythm, but needs
                  more practice. Actually is very busy with his studies.
      Skartaris - second musician in our group. He has a good background,
                  but a likes user coding also. He will be organizing our
                  distribution site.
         Ralfik - Currently I don't know anything about him.
          Storm - He is one of the most working people in Adrar. Can
                  produce very cool rays!
           Well - one more stranger!

                          THE ADRAR DESIGN RELEASES

            Name of the program        Zip name   Size   Date
            Fuck The Objects Demo    fuckobj.zip  691K   12.93
            MinesHunter             minehunt.zip   40K   02.94
            Samples Debugger 3.0á        smd.zip   10K   04.94
            G-Probe Party Invtro     g-proba.zip  141K   11.94
            G-Probe fixed Invtro    g-prbfix.zip  138K   12.94
            G-Probe Final Info      gp_final.zip   75K   01.95
            G-Probe Final Invtro    g-proba2.zip  206K   02.95
            G-Probe Party Report    gp95-rep.zip 2770K   05.95
            sMOk diskmag issue #1    $mok#01.zip  216K   05.95

         The list above is not yet complete. We don't remember these
         all programs we have written, there are just our important
         releases. So you can find some our programs being not on
         the list.

                      HOW TO CONTACT THE ADRAR DESIGN:

         Our snail-mail address is:       Our E-mail address is:

         Heya / Adrar                          Astra / Adrar
         Marcin Milczarz                   s146630@ire.pw.edu.pl
         ul. Sienkiewicza 65/7/17          mszklan@ire.pw.edu.pl
         27-400 Ostrowiec Sw.

         Phone number:                       Astra / Adrar
         Ziel / Adrar                        +48 (2) 66-09-273
         Krzysztof Zielinski
         +48 (47) 62-44-06

                                 FINAL WORDS

         We promise that every E-mail will be answered within few days.
         At this moment we'll answer every snail-mail letter as well.

         We are very young, currently about one and a half year old
         group. So we want to contact with other demo dudes all around
         the world. So prepare for the friendship with Adrar Design!
         If you want to join us, please first send to us some samples
         of your work.

         Actually we are looking for gfx man. So if you are one, please
         contact us quickly. Musicians and coders are welcome, too!

                                                compiled by Astra / Adrar
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