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ego trippin' by Sonik Clique [web]

s o n i k   c l i q u e.
ego trippin'.

released at the party vii, aars.dk


murk       <> design?
mikko      <> kode?
fndr       <> env.texture?
de la soul <> musik!

thanks to dune (objects not used, help with 3ds etc.) louie (accomondation
          in .se), fndr (taxiboy+txture), spite (looking cute), astro+facet
          (beeeer), pete (help w/ the sampling), sonik @ tube (keeping
          up the reputation during the x-mas holidays..), tp organizers
          (keep up the 'good' work.. security was low, thanks for that.)

terkut my”s komplexin pojjille, jotka j„i demossa mainitsematta.


sonik konnektion. (everyone)

model konnektion. (erique)


nerdy technical info:

all routines run realtime, not like other demos at this party (no names
mentioned :). the applet pre-loads all sound and graphics data to ensure
a smooth and delightful experience. just ensure that you've got enough
memory available, otherwise the sound might fuck up (at least on windows
based systems).

erique showers 3x a day, this ensures a 24/7 "wet look" (and feel). signed
photos will be avalable for ordering (via the web) shortly.

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