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people by Image!

                                   ~P E O P L E

                            Get in the world of fantasy
                                   X'97 Takeover

   Code: Fyr.Vision.

                                                            Music: Bassie

   Graphics: Sprocket/Depth.Wolverine.Quicksilver
   Layout/Design: Quicksilver
   A vector showoff.. nothing more.. sorry
   We feel ashamed.. we were so lazy.. terrible.. ooch..
   No code optimizing was performed, therefore fps speed
   is not optimal. Blured scenes may seem strange at anything below P90.
   pardon us.

   Totally unfinished.  last minute music from bassie, timing was impossible
   because mikmod player caused major troubles. we had to use this solution
   pardon us
   We are sick of this demo. We hate it!
   We chose not to finish it, therefore we released it here at X97 although
   the demo wasn't shown on the bigscreen. (we were tooooo late..  grr)
   There will NOT be a final version.
   so what?

                                                            Skin must go to :
                             Acme  Analogue  Awake!  Destiny  Fiction  Infuse
                 Jello  Nostalgia  Quad  SpiritNS  SuccesS  Surrilix  Tequila
                                         The Black Lotus  Trepaan Void  Witan

        .Image is nothing
        .Thirst is everything

 [2D Graphicians wanted.. email quicksilv@hotmail.com]
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