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Washandje by Progress

      ÛÛÛßÜ ÛÛÛßÜ ÜÛÛßÜ    
      ÛÛÛ Û ÛÛÛ Û ÛÛÛ      
      ÛÛÛÜß ÛÛÛÜß ÛÛÛÞÛ      
      ÛÛÛ   ÛÛÛ Û ßÛÛÜß 
        ù W’$H’ïDõä ù

  Well, who brought up this name anyway... Hmmm, Jeroen did...
  BTW... We are not german, if you thought so... Pr„sentiert just
  sounds gut... And this is a multiple language info file, so...

  The requirements for this intro are:
    - a 386+ Computer (RŠchner, I love it!)
    - a VGA-Card (Vau Gee Aaa Karte, yummieyummie!)

  We recommend :
    - a hardisk (eine Festplatte, yezzz)
    - an ADLib card (Musik Karte, goodigoodigoodi)
    - patience (Geduld)

  Ah well, enough crap... over to the member list :

  ù Cube	- Coder
  ù Double D	- Gfx Artist
  ù Dr. Angelo	- Sysop, Musician
  ù Exodus	- Coder, Sysop, Army server...
  ù Fuzz	- Pr, Coder
  ù Ghostrider	- Coder, Gfx
  ù Syncros	- Pr, Coder
  ù Zzzax	- Musician

  Member Boards :
  ù Crazy World  (Sysop  : Stormy (FIN) )
  ù De Beerput   (Sysops : Dr Angelo & Exodus)
  ù HiRes        (Sysop  : BlueSky, CoSysops : Too many..)
  ù Fantasy Land (Sysop  : Guardian)
  ù SamsPlace	 (Sysop  : Samsman)
  ù The Court    (Sysops : The Judge, The Lawyer)
  Call them if you like...

  This intro was tested on these systems:

  - a 486DX33 with SpeedStar 24X VGA-Card with a SBPro, worked fine...
  - a 386DX40 with TsengLabs ET4000AX VGA-Card with SBPro, worked fine...
  - a 286DX10 with Trident 8900C VGA-Card with DRAM-Sound, didn't work...

  There is a HSC-Song in here, and on a 386 you here the beginning of the song
  twice... If you have a computer that is so extremely slow that you hear the
  beginning of the song more than 2 times, I want to buy your antique computer
  for one guilder... 

  BTW, If anyone goes to the BiZaRRe PaRDee, be aware of a flying C64.
  We will be organizing a C64-Throwing-Compo, and Power-Supply-Swinging-Compo
  if the PaRDee permit it. Hope so, it'll be lots of phun... BTW The C64 is
  from Syncros...

  Group greetings from Progress go to (No order of disappearance):
    - CrapWare
    - Cyberforce
    - TUC
    - Inertia
    - Ground Zero / TFA
    - Hypnosis
    - Logic Design
    - Pagan

  If you have any questions fill out the reply form which doesn't exist, so
  make one yourself and upload it to one of our boards. Maybe we'll even 


        Ghostrider & Syncros (Typing this), Thanatos (Being here by accident)
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