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Krestology by Crest

Important note about Krestology!

Because Krestology requires up to 38 tracks per side, but the "normal"
zipper or D64 image handles only 35 tracks, the demo won't work until
you use the 38trackinstaller (located on the Krestology tool disk).

Table of contents:  

Krestology.s1: side 1 of Krestology

Krestology.s2: side 2 of Krestology

tools        : 38trackinstaller    (read above)
               krestology music    all musics of the demo in one file
               - partselector -    to start the demo at another part
               shf-editor  v1.0    editor for the super-hires fli mode
               shif-editor v1.0    editor for the super-hires interlacefli mode
               ufli-editor v1.0    editor for the underlay fli mode
               fliprofi    v1.0    editor for the first 3 chars of fli pictures
               fliprofi demopic    demopicture called: "High couch of Silistra"
               )truecolor-trip(    the x96 gfx-competition winning picture
               crests demomaker    crest's official demomaker
               crests demo list    list of all crest demos until oct'95
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