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SAM - Sample Synthesizer by Tristar & Red Sector Inc. [web]

Short:    S.A.M (The Sample Synthesizer) program to make astonishing sounds
Author:   The Twins/TRSi, Virgill/TRSi

______ _______ ____ ___   ___ _____________
\_   _\\_    //  _/(___)_                 \|
 |   | _/   / \__        |  DEMO DIVISION  |
 |___|_\_________________| p r e s e n t s |
|                                          |
| [TEXTFILE/INFO]  /_/\\___________________|
|_______________ _\\_\/cDr

    __ ______________________ _________________________/\______________
      o  _     ______     /__)\        /   _     _______ \_______     /
    _ __/      \   _/   _/   | \       \__/      \    _/  \    _/   _/
      _/       /   \    \_   |_/       /_/       /   /     \   \    \____ _
      \  _____/     \____/   |________/ \  _____/   /_______\   \______o _
       \/    /_______\ |     |           \/    /_______\ /_______\

                   _o______     /     __________   \_o_ _
                      /  _/   _/     _/___     /    /
                     /   \    \_   _/    /   _/    /
                    /     \____/________/_________/
      \        /      ____/    ____/   _     _______  \______     /
       \       \     _/___     /______/      \     /   \   _/   _/
     __/       /   _/    /   _/    /_/       /   _/    /   \    \_ _ _
    _o________/_________/_________/ \  _____/_________/     \_____o_ 
                                     \/              /_______\

S.A.M. - The Sample Synthesizer                     Release July 1995

The  SAM is a comfortable program, with which you can make astonishing
sounds  and  noises,  yes even complex music- and rhythmsequences in a
simply  way.   Thereby  the  possibilities  of  the adjustments are so
extensive, that the produced sounds reach almost the quality of modern
synthesizers  and  keyboards.   Especially  interestingly might be the
program  therefore  for the ones, which the acquisition is not want to
dispense  a  good synthesizer too expensive however still with new and
good   sounds  in  their  own  musics  or  programs.   The  parameters
orientientates   at   many   Synthesizers   and  are  to  be  adjusted
nevertheless  as  simply and quickly as possible.  Furthermore the SAM
offers  many additional advantages, how for instance the using of own,
personally  digitized  sounds and waveforms for the constant expansion
of  the  sounddiversity, if the included sounds and instruments should
suffice  you no more.  A further advantage is the optimal soundquality
conditional  through  the calculation.  While at the digitalisation of
complex  waveforms  often  appears  a  disturbing intoxication through
analogous  data  and  inaccurate  digitizers,  the  sounds  calculated
through   the   SAM   are  nealy  noiseless.   In  contrast  to  other
sample-calculaters  the SAM processes so-called wavetables, that is to
say,  the  sounds can be calculated from arbitrary waveforms (not like
usually  only  sinus,  rectangle  triangle  etc...)  and  assembled to
complex  sounds  or  sequences.   Besides  the assembled sounds can be
improved still with standard effects like reverberation, echo, chorus,
flanger,   distortion  and  boost,  whereby  they  sounds  still  more

The  SAM  can  manage  up  to  128  waveforms,  which can be loaded as
smallest  units  from  disk.   On  the included diskettes approx.  600
Waves are found, you can load however also arbitrary other Waves (e.g.
personally digitized).

With  the   WAVE-SEQUENCING   these waves can be faded in an arbitrary
sequence  into  each  other  and  combine  to fully new complex waves.
Thereby the pitch, duration, volume and crossfading is still indicated
to  each  Wave.   It  is  thus  not  only  possible, to program simple
modulations  but  also  music-  and rhythmsequences as an element of a

You can add a envelopegenerator, an oscillator for the pitch, a filter
for  low-,  band-  and  highpass with filter- and resonancefrquence as
well   as   a   oscillator  for  the  filterfrequence  change  to  the
wavesequences.   A  maximum  of  four emerging waveforms are mixed and
yield thus the final Sound.  Also here the four parts are indicated to
each  the transpose, the delay and the volume.  There are processed 32
sounds simultaneously, and can be stored and loaded as a SET.

The  oscillators  are  indicated  as  LFO-makros  and  can  be  edited
personally.  There are therefore arbitrary oscillations possible.  The
complete Sound is sent now through the effectgenerator, which executes
maximum four effects one after another.  The sequence can be indicated
thereby, and delivers also other results.  As effects CHORUS, FLANGER,
ECHO,   REVERBATION   ,   DISTORTION   and   BOOST  (increase  of  the
upper-frequences)  can  be  set.   Each effect has his own parameters,
which can be set for each sound differently.

Often  a  loop-position  is  indicated  at  sounds,  to play the sound
continiously.   Thereby  is  the  place  of  the jump mostly through a
cracking  or  different  modulations before and after the jump clearly
audible.   For it the SAM contains a Loop-Generator, which one submits
these  jumps.   It  calculates  the  loop  to be repeated so, that the
waveform  is  equal  before  and  after the jump, and thus the audible
crack is avoided.

To  calculate  some  example-sounds  with  the  demoversion,  load the
DEMOSAM  simply  from the CLI or the Workbench.  Click with the mouse-
pointer on  LOAD SET  to load a SET.  You can choose the desired sound
with  the <arrow up>/<arrow down> buttons beside the soundname.  Press
subsequently  on  SYNTHESIZE  to calculate the sound.  Pressing a key,
playes  the  sound.  With F1 and F2 the oktave of the keyboard is set.
The  buttons,  which are crossed out, can only operate in the original
version.   With  the  other  buttons you can play around, and yourself
analyse the sound exact.

Further informations you can find after the starting of SAM...

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